Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Signs of Spring

I love seeing all the familiar signs of spring as they emerge this time of year. 

The roses in the front, that are one of the first things I planted at this house and have survived all these years. 

That rose bush was in some of Fozzie's Petfinder pictures, back when I somehow thought I could ever part with him. 

That bush was a lot smaller then! 

And Fozzie was skinnier too. 

And another rose bush in front, 

and a clematis, 

both long-term survivors.

And most exciting of all, the Wisteria that bloomed for the first time this year. 
I love wisteria, they are so romantic.

I love watching all the things that come up reliably every year, many of which I didn't even plant. 

Who knows how they got there?

And then there are the little surprises, like this chickadee who sounded a little squawk when I was picking some mint leaves for my budgies.

His nest was nearby, and an adult chickadee was nervously hovering around. It always makes me fear for them, but from what I hear it's normal for baby birds to spend some time on the ground when they are fully fledged but can't yet fly. Mom and Dad bring them food and pretty quickly they mature and flutter off to safety.

So I kept the dogs out of the front yard, and left him to find his way.

It's been an unusual spring here, in that it's actually been moderate and pleasant for weeks. Instead of snowing one day, and a week later being 90 degrees and like a moist, suppurating, mosquito-filled swamp.

Lots of time to sit outdoors on the back deck with a light Guatemalan blanket,

enjoy the backyard roses,

and go to my aunt's and let Fozzie go wild with a frisbee.

Which I think he enjoyed as much as we enjoyed watching him.

I hope you and your doggies are enjoying YOUR spring!


  1. It's our favorite time too
    Lily & Edward

  2. these photos are so joyful and beautiful! Love the chickadee and the last photo is just full of glee!


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