Thursday, June 26, 2014

Getting to Know a New Family Member

This past weekend, the weather was great and my aunt reminded us of our standing invitation to spend an afternoon at her pool.

It was an opportunity to spend a bit more time with my aunt's new dog, Charlie. 

Charlie is a sweet, shy rescued pup who lived with my cousin in Montana. 

When my cousin had to move into a smaller place in a bigger city for work, she called my aunt in distress about what to do with her two dogs. I wasn't there for the conversation, but knowing my aunt I'm guessing that it wasn't too long before they hit upon a solution. 

Charlie is so shy that he spends most of the time next to my aunt, and seems a bit overwhelmed by those of us who are a little too exuberant in our emotions when we are around dogs. 

Fortunately, he was spared the unique intensity of Florian's affection because Florian was performing, 

first as an anonymous patriotic dude 

and then as none other than Inspector Clouseau.

Charlie still had plenty of challenges to contend with, as Lamar was there to relax in the shade and give out the occasional gratuitous growl. 

And Genghis was there to cool down in the fountain. 

Aunt Nancy's is such a great place for the dogs. 

Everyone is so relaxed and happy there, Genghis was even content during his bath. 

I think even Charlie is starting to realize that this place he ended up is not half bad. 

We'll hold off for a while before we introduce him to Florian, or to Fozzie. 

Fozzie stayed home this time, and I didn't feel too bad leaving him as he's had lots of enjoyment this week. My old friend Tony from college, who was my buddy when we lived in the commune at Synergy House on the Stanford campus, has been staying with us. 

Fozzie is never happier than when we have a house guest. 

Fozzie, keep channeling that calm behavior. Maybe you'll get to meet Charlie soon.

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  1. Genghis, I wouldda been right in that fountain with you, buddy!



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