Sunday, June 22, 2014

Merrick Mini Brush Bones for a Fresh Mouth

This month, offered a truly delightful array of products for bloggers in the Blogger Club to review. 

We chose Merrick Mini Brush Bones, because I love having tasty dental chews around to help Lamar maintain his aging but still healthy smile. 

Mini Brush Bones are a Greenie-like dog snack advertised as being highly digestible and grain-and gluten-free. They are based mainly on potato starch, with intriguing ingredients like dried beet pulp, parsley, and chicken fat (mmmm....)

I've heard bad things about Greenies getting lodged in dogs' intestines and requiring surgery to remove, so "highly digestible" is a selling point for these mini brush bones. 

The other selling point is that Lamar really seems to love this genre of plastic-like, hard things advertised as "dental chews," so I jumped at the opportunity to get some in exchange for a review. 

These chews did not disappoint. One look at their green goodness got Lamar all excited

and once ingested they were gone in a flash. 

I was going to time how long it took for him to fully chew and swallow a dental chew, 

but there was no time to even get out the stopwatch. 

A testament to the deliciousness of these mini brush bones, although it does call into question whether there was time for a whole lot of dental cleaning to take place. 

For that, it may be time to break out the good ol' toothbrush and scrub.

Poor Fozzie, the old guys get all the good stuff. 

OK buddy, eat your dinner and you can have a Mini Brush Bone too. 

Thanks for the proof that oral hygiene can be fun!


  1. Mini brushes sure do look better than real brushes. Tasty too
    Lily & Edward

  2. I recently noticed Honey's breath was a bit whiffy. I've started brushing her teeth although the vet thinks her teeth look pretty good.

    I'm sure Honey would much rather be given a green treat than have me sticking a brush into her mouth every night.

  3. I chuckled as I read your post - I too have wondered at the dental benefits when the treat is consumed so fast. Gotta admit, I don't buy them, we stick with the hooves and Nylabones. Treats are always homemade.


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