Monday, June 30, 2014

Perks of being a Dog Professional

There are so many things I love about being a dog groomer. 

The opportunity to interact with breeds, sizes, shapes, and temperaments of dog that I would otherwise have little opportunity to experience.
The opportunity to spend literally hours stroking them, inhaling their hot breath, thoroughly massaging their paws and brushing their teeth and cleaning out their precious little velvety ears, and having those activities be not only socially accepted but encouraged, as they are part of my profession.

And then there are the enormous orders I feel totally justified in placing with


Of course I need an entire gallon of Espree Hypo-Allergenic Coconut Shampoo. 

And of course I didn't just get another gallon of Top Performance GloCoat Conditioning Shampoo only because it meant I got a free 17 ounce Top Performance Green Tea & Mint Shampoo, but because I genuinely needed that product in order to be successful in my career.

And you probably know this already about me, 

but I didn't just get 16 ounces of The Stuff Detangler and Conditioner, 

8 ounces of Top Performance Oatmeal 
Conditioning Spray, 

and 16 ounces of Fresh n Clean No Tangle Spray 

just because I have a weakness for canine health and beauty products that smell good.

No, that would be because I'm a professional.

Do YOU have a positive outlet for your dog-related and purchase compulsions? 

Or do you simply embrace who you are, and the crazy dog lady (or gent) obsessions that go with it?


  1. Mom said in her next life she will do that. Pet Edge has lots of good stuff
    Lily & Edward

  2. Kristen, do you have arecommendation for a shampoo for our shiney black short and ALWAYS shedding coats? Mom hates the smell of coconut.


  3. My dog groomer just celebrated her 27th year as a groomer. You remind me of her and her love for what she is doing. She is such an important part of our lives.

  4. I was so much worse when I first got them. The more I realized I never use most of the stuff I buy, the less I felt compelled to buy it, haha. Since they have such short hair and hate being bathed, our grooming products are few but I love the smell of Earthbath shampoos and sprays.

  5. Hi Kirsten, I'm Melon, you stopped by my blog a couple of weeks ago. I have since enjoyed reading through your posts and learning about what it's like to foster as well as bits and pieces of your hippie past. :) I've only had guinea pigs myself but a year or so ago I started interacting with dogs a bit, helping my friends bathe, walk and train their dogs a little (if you're ever interested they're all in Cocoa's blog under the label 'Melon's Animal Adventures'). Anyway, the thing that spoke to me most in your blog was some of your older posts about Fozzie: hearing about how you acknowledge and manage his anxiety and want to help him but also accept him the way he is. I'm a bundle of neuroses myself, as a human, and hearing the way you manage him made me think that I wish someone would do for me what you have done for Fozzie. So thanks, in a way, on behalf of us neurotic but hopefully still lovable people!
    P.S. On a less serious note... I think you've found a great way to channel your love of buying different beauty/grooming products! That part might be lost on the dogs though, haha! They just want cuddles and don't mind some mud... who needs a bath anyway?

  6. Each summer, I buy a summer pass for dog washes at my favorite local pet products store. I don't wash my dogs that much but just knowing I can is a thrill.

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