Sunday, June 15, 2014

Here Today, Adopted Tomorrow

After just a week and a half with us, Dibee has found an adopter! 

I got two applications for her before I'd had her even a week. Both were good adopters, and one was ready to meet her right away. 

It was pretty much love at first sight. 

I tried to warn them that she's a bit of a wacko, 

that she often gets crazy nighttime zoomies for an interval before she plotzes out,

and that she is an exuberant little creature with a lot of love to express.

They were undaunted and are eager to take her for walks and for training classes at Your Dog's Friend

She's going to love that! 

Poor Dibee, I've noticed a bit of a limp since I brought her home and took her to the shelter vet the other day to check it out. The vet found some swelling in her right knee, on the back leg. 

In all my years with dogs I still didn't know what the "knee" was on the back legs, since dogs' back legs are kind of wacky and backwards--but it's that rounded part that joins the body. Also known as the "stifle."

Did you know that? Probably. Anyway, Dibee's new owners' task will be to help her lose a couple of pounds and to keep her relatively still. No vigorous exercise or long walks for a couple of weeks.

Gee, THAT'll be easy!

I'll bet some interactive feeding toys and some trick training will come in handy to entertain that little sprite and keep her mind busy. 

How else do YOU like to entertain a young, active dog who is required to rest for medical reasons? 

Hopefully with a bit more crate rest than she would like for the first few weeks, she'll heal up and be ready for some fun adventures with her new people. 

Congratulations, Dibee! You're a wacky kid but such a good one. 


  1. Glad Dibee found a good home. And it's great for her new family that you were able to let them know what to expect.

    We're big fans of food toys and nosework games to tire out active pups that can't move around much. Hope Dibee likes working her mind while her leg is healing.

  2. Not surprised! What a cool dog, good job:D

  3. Hooray for Dibee!! We love a good adoption story.


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