Friday, June 23, 2017

External landscapes, internal landscapes

Whoa! My garden is blowing me away this year. 
Early spring hyacinths and daffodils, 

Followed by an absolute explosion of everything else. 

Flowers are such a joyful expression

exuding passion 

and joy 

and creativity 

with every unfurling petal. There's this incredible knockout rose, 

the same one that was in those hopeful Fozzie profile pictures when both he and the rose were small, 

when I thought just the sight of him with all those flowers would make some lucky adopter snatch him right up, leaving me with only the flowers.

Ha! Their loss. Now both are mine. Fozzie helps me in the garden, like when he chases away the deer that eat my tomatoes. 

I'm still keeping some tomatoes in pots on the porch this year, but maybe the other ones will be safe too. 

That's in the back garden, where Princess likes to roam around and knock down the zucchini and potato plants. She is worth it. 

Works out well, this joint custody thing with my sister. 

We love having Princess here. 

When you feel this much joy and love, how could two dogs be enough?

Two dogs, or one rose bush

Or one echinacea, 

or one butterfly bush, 

or one of anything beautiful and powerful and sensual?

You can't. 

More is better, and the more things to love, the more love builds on itself and grows and blossoms in ways that are healing and medicinal. 

Like St. John's wort.

What metaphor would you use to describe YOUR internal landscape this summer?