Friday, December 4, 2015

Evangers Nothing But Natural Freeze-Dried Beef Tripe Snacks: More evidence that I love my dogs

We've tried the Evanger's Freeze dried treats in different flavors before and the dogs loved them. 

I've heard from Raw Food aficionados and people who make their dogs home-cooked (or uncooked) meals themselves that green tripe is a really good thing to give them but I've never had the GUTS, so to speak, to try it, so I figured this was a good opportunity. 

Upon first opening the container, I already knew they would be a hit with the dogs as it is a well-known fact that the more horrifying something is to humans, the more appealing it will be to dogs. 

Beef tripe treats are little bits of fatty tissue congealed with what seems like the partially digested contents of a cow's digestive system, and smells about like you'd expect.

One whiff of that and the dogs were ready to do anything. 

They were so excited about the whole thing it was hard not to feel a little excited along with them, 

though I was distracted by the difficulty of functioning while I was holding my breath.

I tried to be a bit creative about getting them to work for their food. 

Fozzie has been with us for six years now, and we've done so much treat training that he is an old hand at trying creative behaviors to earn a treat. 

Marshal goes for the more direct approach to get what he wants. 

But its good for a shy dog's personality to gain confidence through trying new things. 


Well, that was fun guys. After all, my distress is as nothing when compared with your satisfaction and well-being.

Thanks, for letting us try something new!