Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Born this Way: Meet Dibee!

During my weekend with Pager, I kind of remembered how great it was to have three dogs around. 

I thought about it and thought about it and thought about it for all of two days.

And then I went to the shelter and got a foster dog.

This is Dibee!
  Dibee started out as Dibo. 

Actually, s/he started out surrendered to the shelter with some boy parts that didn't work quite right. 

Upon examination, it turned out that this spunky little pup had some girl parts in addition to the boy parts! 

As I guess its a bit easier to go from boy to girl than the other way around, it was decided that Dibo would become Dibee.

All the surgeries to fix her up were no simple matter, but the good people at the Washington Humane Society saw her enormous smile and felt her intense wet kisses and saw her joyful spirit and knew she was worth it. 

I am so happy to be a part of such a progressive institution that sees the value in each dog's, cat's, or guinea pig's existence. 

Poor little thing, she had to be on pain meds for a long time from all the surgeries. But she never stopped being a wiggly, happy little thing and over the six months she was in the shelter, she began to heal. 

By the time I met her, you'd hardly know about everything she went through. Just a bit of a concave area on her belly, near her spay scar. 

And that spirit?


I just can't figure out why she hasn't been adopted yet. 

She's accepting of Lamar's growls, happy to be around Fozzie, and beside herself with adoration of every human ever. 

She's gorgeous and velvety and has luscious black eye makeup. 

Doesn't need time to get to know you, she knows she loves you whoever you are. Whether you're a boy, or a girl, 

or whether she's a boy or a girl. 

Doesn't matter, when all you know how to do is love. 

Her first night home, she climbed into bed with me and Florian, and proceeded to chew on a tasty dental chew while we watched a movie. 

Then she kissed me, then she kissed Florian. 

Then she went to sleep. 

As Florian says every time I bring a foster dog home...

quite possibly the best one yet!


  1. Dibee! Hi! You are adorable :-)

  2. She's gorgeous! I am such a sucker for bat-dog ears. She's the type of dog I would snatch up in a second:)

  3. How interesting! I've never heard of a dog having both sexes in them. How wonderful the compassion and care that they took taking care of her. It really states the value of Dibee. What a beauty and quite the lover! lol Thanks for taking her in. I hope she finds a loving home like yours.

  4. Awww, thanks for fostering her! I always scratch my head when some of our animals stay on the floor so long. Next stop, forever home! :-) Bethe

  5. Hi Dibee. It's all cool. Hey Kirsten, we like a guy that let's a doggie kid give him a full on face kiss. Keep this one Kirsten. He's a good guy.

  6. I was so glad to see the post on WHS's Facebook page that Dibee went to foster! She had been in the shelter far too long and was an awesome companion when I ran and hiked with her. Thanks for taking her into your home!

  7. Beautiful story! Dibee what a cutie! <3 <3 <3

    Best wishes,


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