Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tuscarora-Overall Run Trail

Ever since we went to Ithaca Florian has been fascinated with waterfalls, and recently we found out that there is a 93-foot high one in the Shenandoahs. We have this old packet of topographic maps showing the Shenandoah Mountains in detail, and for some reason have never really broken them out.

So this past weekend, in our brief window of just having two dogs, we decided to load them both up and go find this amazing waterfall.

If we hadn't had a good map and known roughly where we were going, we never would have found the trailhead--which was at the end of a small local road off VA road 340 south of Front Royal. 

The trail followed a stream for a while before starting to climb, which I always love because the dogs get to cool off their paws and get drinkies. 

I always worry about the dogs on hikes, as I know they can dehydrate quickly. I also knew this trail was going to be a challenge for all of us, as all the guide books said it was steep and tough.

And Lamar, at the age of 13, is getting a bit unsteady on his back legs so I was particularly worried about him. 

He did incredibly well though, even on the long steep stretch up the mountain. 

Near the top, there was an overlook and a pretty neat waterfall that we looked down on. 
Then there was the long trek back down the mountain, which is in some ways even harder on the legs and knees and feet and paws than going up. 

I think we're out of shape! 
I can't wait until we can hike in much nicer than hiking boots.  

Back down on the flat ground, we took a long rest and had a picnic on a mossy rock.

Lamar was relieved to find some nice soft leaves to stretch out on. 

I gave him a thorough massage while Florian took a nap and Fozzie wandered around, contentedly sniffing. 

By the time we got back to the car we could barely walk, and Lamar's hips and hind legs were stiff and shaky. 

But there's always time and energy for a dumpster run! And even loaded down with 300+ pounds of dumpster-fresh dog food, the Honda Fit got 41.7 miles to the gallon. 
A successful conclusion to a great day.


  1. That is one enjoyable day! A beautiful place!

  2. I agree with the going downhill part. That always kills me. My knees would be shaking like a leaf by the time I got down your hike. Lamar did good!

    You dumpster run was very successful. Do you have a regular place that chucks out those bags?

  3. What a beautiful hike and sounds like a perfect day. I love that you got some dumpster shopping done too. What an awesome savings that is. Waste not, want not. I admire you, my friend.

  4. Yeah, who dumpsters dog food like that?? would love to know! :P

    1. It's the Petsmart dumpster! Do they have those in Australia?

  5. Great scenery! Glad you all had a wonderful hike.

  6. I love seeing handsome Lamar braving the trails in his old age.
    Jay would love to join you on a hike--he's more for nature and the outdoors than I am. :) I love it too, but he appreciates it all even more.


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