Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lady in action

You may remember that when I had Star, just about every blog post was an action post. There were action shots of Star zooming around on the pilates ball, hopping across the floor on her hind legs, teetering on the edge of rocky cliffs, spinning around, and skateboarding.

Action shots with Lady are a little bit different. Lady is such a relaxed being, that most of her action shots are about like this

Or maybe, when she gets a bit riled up, like this


Or when she's feelin' really frisky, like this 

Or, when she really gets excited, even like this! 

Whoa now girl, settle down.  Let's not get too wild. 

I am really hoping that once she gets her nails clipped and can start going for longer walks, she'll lose some weight, be more comfortable on her paws, and start to have more energy. Right now, her nails are so long that they are clearly affecting her posture and her ability to walk. 

Do you see how the nails are actually forcing her front paws back onto the heels, and the pasterns are tilted backward at a sharp angle? 

She loves to go for walks, but before long she is limping. I've tried a couple of times to gently introduce the clippers or the pedi-paws, but whoo-boy! Then we see some action. 

So we'll just have to be a bit more patient, until I can get her in to be spayed and have a paw-i-cure. Until then, she can enjoy whatever level of action she's comfortable with.

And hey, if all Lady's running around has inspired you, head over to Facebook and vote for Fozzie's picture to be on the cover of NOVADog Magazine in June! I think you'll agree that the photo of him impersonating an elephant needs to be on the cover of something


  1. BOL! She really gets excited there! I saw you were inspiration to What Remains Now. How cool!

  2. Ah, ya, not much action there! Hopefully once she gets those nails taken care of and the feet feel better, she can get moving. We had a senior foster with long, long nails and very overweight so I know a bit about where you're coming from.

  3. My first time stopping by! Nice to meet you!

  4. I think some dogs just are more lazy! Dakota definitely is and Shetland Sheepdogs are supposed to be one of the highest energy breeds! Barks and licks and love, Dakota


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