Monday, April 8, 2013

From Star's adopter

I have been in frequent contact with Star's new people, and the news has been all good.

Star's new mom is a personal trainer--the better for keeping up with her energy. Her dad works for himself, driving around to clients all day--and takes Star with him! Here is the latest from her mom:
"She is a wonderful fetcher, and it is so much joy to play with her because she actually listens. We definitely try to keep her occupied ...because we also figured out that it is a great way to bond with her and build a relationship filled with love!"

"Usually, when I come home from work, I walk her because she spent all day with [hubby], so I want to make sure I have my time with her. After our walk we play. Thank goodness we have tons of toys, because she goes through them quickly, mostly chewing them apart! She is such a good puppy though! She always stays close to us...even when we just watch TV or I am on the computer she is either on the bed/sofa with us or on the floor! She is very social. Also, there is nothing better when we come home and she is just soooo happy to see us! Endless kisses and cuddling! We love that about her! usually by the evening, she is tired so she goes to bed with us, on our bed, which is another sweet thing about her, it's like having a teddy bear! Last night she crawled on [hubby] when he was lying on the sofa and she slept on him!! :-)"
Yah, that sounds about like Star. And it sounds like moving to a new home has not entailed all that rough a transition, as her new people are as in love with her as we were.

Star, we miss you but we're glad you're having such a blast with your new family. You've made a lot of people very proud young woman. Keep it up and don't torture your people too much. 


  1. Wonderful to hear Star's progress and good news from her home
    Benny & Lily

  2. I'm so happy for Star and her new parents!

  3. So so happy for Star!!! Great news!

  4. That is fantastic! We've fostered a few dogs and it always great to hear how loved they are in their new homes.

  5. I love these updates about dogs you've fostered and so happy Star had found the love she needs!

  6. Hi, we're really glad that you stay in contact with adopters. We always hope for the best and it's great that someone follows up to see if that's the case. Continued good luck Star.

  7. She has really landed in the ideal home for HER!
    Madden needs a family that will dedicate that much time to exercising and playing with her. They are right--it's the best way to bond.


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