Monday, April 29, 2013

Haunted Springtime

Despite the blossoming of flowers, the warming of the air, and the proliferation of fun springtime outdoor events, these past few weeks I've had a bit of darkness hanging over me. 

I don't like to talk about things like this too much, as there is enough darkness out there in the world and I see this blog as a place to propagate positivity about dogs, the love they inspire, and their potential for greatness when properly trained, managed, and socialized. But the truth is, that sometimes dogs bum me out. Sometimes dogs are a lot of work, and stress, and trouble. Sometimes, I really want to get into hamster or budgie rescue.

Those little furry troublemakers, sometimes I wish they would make less trouble. Star's new adopters love her, except when she got into a scuff with a Pomeranian belonging to a neighbor of theirs during a leash walk and caused a major vet visit. 

Since I found out about this, I've been walking around with this vague sense of dread that Star will have to come back to me. Add to that the dread of my own neighbor, who's been nice enough following Star's interaction with his dog but still, there's that little bit of tension...and I am beset with grim thoughts that I need to sell my house and become a hermit out in the woods with my Swiss guy somewhere, just so I can stay away from people and keep my little wayward pup out of trouble.

The good news is that Star's adopters are determined to work through this with her. I've been researching to find them a trainer who specializes in impulsive, reactive dogs and they are walking her with a muzzle for now. They see that she is a brilliant, loving little dog who just needs some major help getting her impulses under control. 

Yay for amazing adopters!

And to cheer you all up after this downer post, here is a picture of Fozzie that, with your vote, could be on the cover of NOVA Dog magazine!

OK, I guess I still love dogs.


  1. I understand what you are saying. All of it. I too worry about neighbors with the pack and although everyone is really nice and we keep to ourselves, I do worry. We're lucky in that we have somewhere to go with lots of land (can't wait!).

    I am glad that Star's adopters are willing to work with her and aren't giving up. As for budgie rescue - well, a worthwhile cause but not as rewarding for someone who obviously loves dogs so much!

    I think that it's normal to have those moments/days of wondering if you want to keep doing it but for me, those moments are few and far between. I can see the difference I make and there is nothing more rewarding than that.

    Take care.

  2. Kristen, as an owner of three rotties, all I can say is BREATHE, stay in the moment, don't take unnecessary risks (Otto is walks alone until I know him better) let go of what doesn't belong to you and feel your feet connect with the ground during each step of each walk. Oh. And forgive...


  3. I think it's really good when you share dark moments.

    First, it's important for you to feel supported by others of us who know how you're feeling and have dealt with similar things. Second, it's important for people to have a realistic idea of the work involved in helping dogs to live comfortably in our world.

    Wounded dogs take a lot of effort just like wounded people do. People spend gazillions of dollars on antidepressants, anxiety meds, and therapy. Dogs are living in the same challenging world as we are and they're expected to cope well with only the help of their people and maybe, if they're lucky, an R+ trainer.

    You've done well by Star. And hopefully her people will get the help they need to improve her reactions to other dogs. I hope too that the neighbor's Pom is ok and that she recovers well.

    Blessings to you. Don't go live in the woods just yet.

  4. We all have those feelings sometimes, whether it's with our own dogs, a foster or somebody else's dogs. Just like no person is perfect, neither is any dog, although sometimes we meet the dog who's perfect for us.

    That picture makes me think of Star Wars! *grin*

  5. I'm glad Star's parents are not giving up on her. I hope the other pup is doing okay too.

  6. Hi Kirsten, it'll work out and all will be well. It'll take a bit of time. We went over and voted for you. Forget living in the forest. It'll be okay. Go on, smile. There, don't you feel better? Come on and take me for a walk. Love, Sam.

  7. That's hilarious! And good for Star's owners. It's not always easy but it is almost always rewarding!

  8. We all have our up and down days with our dogs. It would be impossible to be 100% upbeat about them. Surely! Good on Star's new owners. The most important thing is not giving up.


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