Saturday, April 20, 2013

Relaxing foster experience

Lady has been having a really nice time just settling in and relaxing at home.

She is a pretty independent spirit, who enjoys being outside and just reflecting on her own thoughts as she sniffs the breeze.

She is contented by herself, but always has a wag and numerous kisses ready for anyone who comes to see her.

I just love that spotted tongue. I tried to count the kisses last time she gave me a session but I lost count.

Tashi had a spotted tongue like that too, and I can't really imagine anything more precious. 
She and Fozzie get along well, though she and Lamar are not crazy about each other. 

But then, Lamar is not crazy about anybody, and Lady just doesn't  feel like putting up with his grumping. As she is too overweight and sluggish to get very far when she goes after him, their conflict has not really presented a problem. I do try to let Lamar relax in his own bedroom at night, so I keep Lady in the living room, where Florian has chosen to sleep with her of late. 

She is not a dog like Fozzie who loves to drape himself over you, every part of his body in contact with some part of yours, but she likes proximity with her humans. 

How fascinating dogs are, with their unique personalities. What goes through Lady's head, as she relaxes in the yard, then the moment she sees me, kisses me compulsively for minutes on end?

How is it that Fozzie, so reactive to other dogs on leash, shows such incredible maturity and tolerance with every foster dog I bring home, showing mild interest but seldom overbearing, and in turn bringing out the best in them?

Dogs are the best. It is truly an honor and a blessing to share my life with them!


  1. You are doing such an amazing thing! Look at Lady, what a beauty. The spotted tongue is beautiful!

  2. Glad to hear that things are going well. It is interesting how different the personalities are and I too wonder what goes through their minds. I suppose that is part of the unique bond we have with dogs, that we will never truly know.

  3. We think that you and Florian, Fozzie and Lamar give so much to these kids who need a family to stay with until they find their own permanent home.

  4. I am very impressed that while dog reactive, Fozzie is such a wonderful foster brother. It's his purpose in life, I think :)

  5. I believe in the energy of a home and its occupants. You all share a good, relaxing, inviting energy so Lady and your other fosters feel completely welcome.

  6. Lady looks like a lovely pup. My Nikki is very quiet and "reflective." I often catch myself asking the same question you did. I wonder what she is thinking about. Someone is going to be very lucky to welcome Lady into their home.


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