Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Only Thing Better than One Deaf White Pocket Pittie

Is two!

As you know, Dahlia is a bit of a handful but also incredibly sweet and wonderful in her own ways. 

I certainly wasn't planning on getting an additional foster dog, not right before the holidays and before we take off on our post-Christmas vacation. 

But when I got the email about Keller, a petite deaf pit bull who was ready to be transferred to a shelter from whence she would be adopted quickly, but needed to be in a foster home for 10 days first to make sure she has a clean bill of health--what exactly was I supposed to do? 

Ignore it? 

Not really an option.

The moment I got her home, she and Dahlia started playing. 

The funny thing is, their play is largely silent. Unlike when Dahlia and Fozzie play, when it sounds like a Tasmanian Devil and a Tom cat are ripping each other limb from limb. 

It's not like they're two little angels. They're smashing into things, getting right under your feet or in your lap or on your laptop as they're playing, and they have to be separated sometimes because they get too intense. 

But they're just much less vocal about it than you'd expect, especially with as much as Dahlia vocalizes when she's playing with Fozzie. 


Wonder what's going on there? Is there some sort of communication that goes on between two deaf dogs, that is a mystery to those of us who can hear? 

Or is it just that Fozzie, because of his exuberant play style that is loud in ways that go beyond just decibels, brings out the loudness in Dahlia?

Nifty to watch. These dogs sure are good teachers.


  1. It is easy to believe that they have some sort of communication beyond sounds.

  2. Dogs are angels sent by God to love us unconditionally..Lucky are those who have the ability to experience this!!

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  3. what a lucky girl she is and I love that they play silently

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