Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Getting Into The Holiday Spirit

'Tis the season to retreat indoors for some idiotic family activities and some really good food. 

By "idiotic" I mean dressing up in my sister's pimp coat. 

That was one highlight of Halloween. 

The other was trick or treating at Uncle Johnny's new senior apartment building, where I'd just moved him in after driving down from New York the day before. Yep, Uncle Johnny's here full time now, can you believe it? 

There's quite a few people who are pleased about that turn of events.

Having Johnny around ensures that every holiday will be special. 

This Thanksgiving, we also had the pleasure of my aunt's company as we enjoyed a nontraditional repast.

Mom, whose absence is of course felt all the more acutely on the holidays, used to make amazing appetizers. My task was to replicate Mom's nutty "meat" balls, vegetarian amalgamations of pecans and water chestnuts. I made a vegan version that was a tad lacking in cohesion--but tasty!

And easy to digest as long as you have a specially-designed stomach warmer

Right around Thanksgiving came Dad's birthday, 

and then Mom's birthday. 

We visited her and brought her some champage. 

What a comfort those dogs are. 

How can you be blue for long when you've got a little bald snorting thing humping your leg?

You can't. All you can do is go with it. Cuddle up under the Christmas tree
Enjoy the moment, honor those who have passed and be thankful for what we still have. 

And while you're at it, make out a little. Mom would approve. 


  1. I think that last picture says it all!!

  2. Great pictures! It's so nice to spend time with family:)

  3. great pictures! I love how your dogs interacted with the whole family

    retro rover

  4. Dogs do help us move on as life changes all around us.

  5. Good to hear Uncle Johnny is moved and settled. I'm sure it makes the holidays easier knowing family is close by.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday.

  6. Sorry you're missing your mom over the holidays. But it looks like you have many other reasons to celebrate the season.

    I'm sure you're mom would be thrilled to see you carrying on her appetizer tradition.

  7. Hi Kirsten, best wishes to you and your family from your friends in Vancouver. Merry Christmas.


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