Monday, December 15, 2014

The Changing Face of my Dog Obsession

Funny how my tastes in dogs have evolved over the years.

When I lived in New Mexico, most of the dogs in the shelters were brown dogs, often with black masks. 

They were the reservation dogs, the scrappy desert dogs, the shepherd mixes and Dingo/chow/heeler mixes that were everywhere. 

Something about that black mask just did something to my heart, and I ended up with two of them. 

Then I moved places where other dogs were ubiquitous. In Portland, in New York, and of course in the DC area it's the pits and pit mixes that fill the shelters. 

I still love the fuzzy desert dingo brown dogs, but it's the pit mixes that really make me lose my composure. So much that I've fostered five of them and now have two of them.
 Two that I can't keep my hands off of.

I just love their short fur, their velvety smoothness, their hot breath, their warm flapping tongues.

To see one is to have to make out with it, squish its face, massage its paws. 

Of course I love mine even more than just any pittie I come across. Fozzie, with his enormous body and his stiff paws, his horrifying breath and the way he just likes to lean into you with a big sigh.

And then that little bald pink thing 

So velvety and idiotic and snorty, so compact and kissable and muscular with paws that smell so strongly of Fritos that the entire dog emits that warm, delicious fragrance
Drives me crazy how cute they are.

Not sure why I get so worked up about the dogs who are most abundant. I think once I am in a place long enough to realize the situation, hear some of the stories, and learn who is most desperate, my rescuer messiah complex kicks in and I just need to be around those ones. Pretty weird, huh?

Now excuse me while I go sniff some paws.

What aspects of dogs make YOU unable to think straight? 


  1. Funny and interesting. We thought you were describing us for a minute
    Lily & Edward

  2. Rescuer messiah...I love that. The world needs more YOU.

  3. Yep, they're infectious! I love pit bulls & pit mixes for the same reasons as you:)

  4. I love it.

    My first dog's sire was a GSD/wolf and his mom was a collie. So I mostly loved big dog with dense coats. When I adopted Agatha and Christie, I fell in love with universal dogs--those reddish, medium sized pups that many dogs end up looking like when they breed freely (like the reservation dogs).

    I never thought golden retrievers were all that. They looked too much like Barbie dogs--no character. But now I'm in love with long floofie tails.

    And yes, pitties are the most lovable dogs ever with a smooth coat that I can't stop touching.

    It seems that the more dogs I know the more I love. Most of my fosters have had some hound or beagle in them. And while I can't see myself adopting one, I have learned to love them too.

    I guess some people just can't help themselves.

  5. Houndsong. My first adult dog in MO was a Beagle mix. I was hooked. Hounds are simple, direct, playful. They "hunt," sniff, roll (yech!), then come in the house to eat, look for more food, and sleep, curled up with me. I have a couple Rat Terriers now, too; both are old and I'm sure they'll live to be 20. Archie the Tyrant tries to join in when Squishy Beagle leads the pack in houndsong, all ending practically on the same note. How do they do that?

  6. I love all dogs but Im definitely most passionate about pugs. I love their cobby little bodies and their velvety ears and their cute little faces. I love that they are small and transportable but not delicate.

    retro rover


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