Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Pre-Holiday Whirlwind

I've been enjoying the process of getting things done during these weeks leading up to Christmas, despite the additional excitement of an impulsive foster dog acquisition and the time it requires to kiss her and cuddle her to the degree that is proper with a creature such as her.  

We did have time for one new nifty hike discovery, to Fort Foote. Dahlia is great in the car, as long as she can sit on someone's lap. 

Keller is a little more active and some would say, less safe.
This was the first and probably the only hike with all 3 dogs, and they did well! 

It was neat to check out the ruins of Civil War barracks 
and the cannons that remain on this site, one of 68 forts encircling Washington, DC by 1865.  

The fort is also close to the Potomac, so an easy hike brought us to the sandy beach which made Keller so happy she was overcome by the zoomies

Why do dogs get so excited by sand and water? 

Maybe that surface just feels really good under the paws, or maybe being able to see out so far over the water makes them feel joyful and free. 

Kinda the same way we humans feel. 

The fort is close-in and the hike was short and sweet, so plenty of time when we got home to spend the afternoon cooking and making Mom's nutty meatballs and vegan "cheese" balls

And to get ready for a couple of friends to come over to play music. 

When I lived out West, I lived in communities of people who all loved Zimbabwean music and played the mbira, which is how I came to have so many great friends in those places. In the DC area, oddly enough it's been harder to find mbira players than in places like Portland or Taos, NM but finally a couple of old mbira buddies moved to Maryland and we try to play regularly. 

The girls love meeting new people and though I know they probably can't hear a bit of it, 

they seemed to want to be around the music. Maybe they could hear the vibrations? 

Mbira music does seem to be relaxing to many dogs; maybe they were able to pick up on its energy on some level. 

I'm glad they got to experience it in their own ways! 

Having guests over is a bit stressful, and I don't entertain often since my life and house became completely overtaken by unruly dogs. But when I do, I'm always glad I did. 

Now the final run before Christmas and Keller's transfer to the shelter. Will I be able to do it? Time will tell!


  1. What a cool way to spend the day and evening...our mom is to lazy or busy she says to take us out for a walk, she says it is to cold here in iowa for us to be outside but I just think it is a badddd excuse cos we have coats sweaters and hats....geeze louise!!! Merry Christmas from our house to yours.

    Stella Rose and family

  2. I'm sure you will be the perfect hostess, besides with all those paws you have lots of help.
    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year x

  3. Somehow the combination of sand and water has a magical effect on my dogs and my humans. I can't explain it, but we all feel it, especially when we go to the ocean.


  4. Merry Christmas Kirsten and Florian and to all your kids.

  5. Don't do it ...... don't send her to the shelter!!!!!!!! Look at those eyes. PLEASE ........... not the shelter!!!!

    1. Don't worry, she was adopted already! See an upcoming post :)

    2. Crikey ...... I was sure worried abut her. Cant wait to hear about her.. She looks so adoreable.

  6. Happy Holidays! What a wonderful place to zoom!


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