Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Castor & Pollux Organix Dog Treats

This month, the kind offer from included the opportunity to review Castor & Pollux Organix dog snacks.

Since every moment in my household is a teachable moment, I am always looking for a good training treats and things that my dogs are willing to work for. 

Though the most useful treats for the challenging things I am trying to train --like not going ballistic when the mailman comes around, like watching the pug next door and the boxer across the street with coolness and equanimity, like accepting the nail clippers with acceptance and joy--are high value treats, I was interested in discovering whether a more basic biscuit could inspire my dogs to realize their better selves. 

Could these treats be that biscuit?

At the time of writing, I confess that it seems not. 

These Castor & Pollux Organix chicken snacks are a hearty, crunchy, substantial-seeming biscuit that are great for late-night snacks, when the pups are hungry, or bored of their leftover mealtime food, and need a little somethin' to tide them over til breakfast.  I feel good about giving them to the dogs because they contain 95% organic ingredients, including free-range chicken so you know those sweet birdies were at least reasonably comfortable before their lives were taken so our dogs could eat them. They fill the pups up, and they are glad to have them.

But on walks, when we are going past our boxer friend Oliver's house and Fozzie and Oliver are going nuts at each other, these treats are not enough to break Fozzie's singleminded fixation on tellin' Oliver a thing or two. 

No, I'm afraid we gotta find some more freeze dried snacks for that, huh Fozzie? 

Freeze dried snacks, comin' right up. In the meantime, thanks for the chance to review a really good, basic hearty snack!

Since we're talking about food, I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday filled with traditional foods like Veggie Booty and kale chips. We are bringing together a wacky assortment of people and a scrumptious array of food in what will surely be a mindnumbing day of debauchery. Can't wait to hear about your adventures around the tofurkey!


  1. I'm having breakfast at a friend's for my TD meal, then walking some dogs in the sunny cold. Good training treats are hard to come by - cat treats work well: small and soft :). Have a GREAT day!

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