Monday, December 2, 2013

A series of Star updates

I just love it when adopters keep me posted about my former foster babies.

Though I've gotten pretty used to letting go, they are always all my babies and I wonder about them all the time, and it brings my heart so much joy to hear about them thriving in their new homes. 

Star was a really special foster dog, who distinguished herself from the moment she, as a stray, jumped in the open window of a police car and proceeded to wash the officer's face, to her 5 months with me during which she was a loving, licking, snorting, difficult-to-manage little troublemaker. So its been especially wonderful to get updates and hear how well she's doing from her people. 

The first update:
We got back from our fabulous vacation in Maine and our baby enjoyed herself a lot. She even got to swim in a lake - not intentionally but she got so excited when she saw a dog on the island that we think she didn't realize it was water and went right under.

For split minute Toby thought she is drowning but she surfaced and swam back to boat and jumped back in! 
crazy pooch!
She is definitely getting attached to us which is so wonderful and we love her so much!
After we came back from the trip, all she was doing for 2 days was sleeping!

Star always enjoyed traveling, hiking, being around water, so I was so happy to hear the adventures she's having with her people. I got the next update for her birthday, which was coincidentally noted on her papers as the day before mine.

Your favorite girl turned 2! 
now she is terrible two!  
The day probably wasn't her favorite because birthday started with bath at Petco and she would rather roll in mud than getting glamorous! 
Then we decided to treat her with a little bone which she wasn't really thrilled with! She is a real princess and little picky! :-)
We thought that maybe beef stew will go with her a little better and it did! She loved it and ate it very gently and gracefully! 
And soon after, I got this update:
We want the shelter to know that she went to a loving house and we gave her a chance she deserves! Even with all the issues, she is a sweet and loving creature!

Her Dad says:
Star is getting better every day. She has her moments of lunacy but they are fewer and further between than when she first arrived. She is calmer now during her daily activities like walking, riding in the car or hanging around the house. The only thing that still sets her off, every time, anywhere are squirrels. My theory is that she is reincarnated from being a squirrel in her past life and that she misses zipping around trees with them, Joanna's theory is that they are Star's favorite meal.
Finally, I got this update:
We hope you have a wonderful holiday! We sure have one thing to be grateful for this Thanksgiving......
Yay Star! You so deserve it. I hope you're being as good as your people say, because they are really incredible and deserve the best dog ever.


  1. Oh! I know this makes your heart so happy. So glad Star found a family that loves and appreciates her.

  2. She definitely found the right people!

  3. That is so wonderful. It must make you feel great to hear this!

  4. Although fostering is so rewarding it must be difficult to let go

  5. I've heard so many people tell me they could never foster because it's too painful to give a dog up. But they never think of the joy in seeing a dog end up in a happy home

    It looks like Star's people really love her. You must be thrilled.

  6. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story. Yes, it's hard to give up a foster dog, but I'd rather cry over a dog that I've cared for and then passed into another set of loving hands, than to cry over a dog that was put down because the shelter didn't have room to keep them any longer.

  7. I always love hearing updates! We are so happy Star found her forever home.

    Monty and Harlow

  8. That's awesome! She looks like one happy girl:) I love the story of how she was found.

  9. love love love the happy updates

    Stop on by for a visit

  10. Those are the stories that must make what you do so worth while. Kudos to you for finding the perfect home for her!


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