Monday, November 11, 2013

Mobile Bones Canine Joint & Bone Supplement

I was contacted by Pooch and Mutt of, with an invitation to receive a free packet of dog supplements in exchange for a product review. 

Lamar Latrell is 13 years old and though he still trots along like a young dog and chases seabirds when he's on the beach, he is definitely developing some stiffness in his hindquarters. 

Most troublingly, he has started to have some trouble coming up stairs and sometimes stumbles coming up my porch steps. Sometimes, he can't manage to hoist himself up on my bed.

What do you do when your dog's back legs start to fail? I guess I could install a ramp or an escalator. Or I could get one of those devices that you use to lift your dog and give the back end a boost up stairs.

But before we go to those lengths, I thought we'd try some Mobile Bones canine joint & bone supplement

I've tried other glucosamine products for Lamar, and never really noticed stunning results. With glucosamine, MSM, Omega 3 and 6 and a variety of vitamins, this supplement seemed like a good thing to try. 

I sprinkled a bit on Lamar's food with every meal, and watched to see how he did on those stairs.

And it's hard to say! He may stumble a bit less going up stairs and climbing on the bed, but he still stumbles occasionally. 

And I'm not so sure my slightly picky eater enjoys having a grainy substance sprinkled on his food. It seems preferable to me, if you have a dog who's not a food inhaler, to give supplements in the form of a discrete tablet that can be smothered n peanut butter. 

Now I am not one to knock nutritional supplements in general, and I have found that for my own health there are a few that make a great difference. And, I am not necessarily the most perceptive person when it comes to noticing subtle differences in my dogs' mobility. Maybe someone else would have noticed that Lamar's got a bigger spring in his step, a bit more jaunt in his stride. But not I. 

What's been YOUR experience with doggie supplements? Have you found anything that really works for arthritis?


  1. Nope, nothing has really worked for Bender. Poor man is now not supposed to run after his ball anymore as he is overly intense about it and is doing damage to himself.

  2. I don't use supplements, but if you don't think it's working, it probably isn't.

  3. I agree with Lettersto Andrew. don't use supplements for your pets.

    Thanks for the article Kirsten
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  4. We don't have much experience with supplements but would say to go with your instinct.

  5. I haven’t tried any supplement for my dog yet. She is still a puppy. But if ever a scenario like yours occur, I would surely don’t mind spending much on joint supplements as long as I see her active again.

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  7. Hey this is such a lovely blog I just fell in love with it!! I have a Belgian shepherd that was quite playful and strong but a month ago we noticed there was something wrong with her and she wasn't playing at all and barely walking. She was diagnosed with some joint problems and then recommended dog joint supplements. She's taking them since a month now and has shown a lot of improvement. Thanks a lot.


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