Monday, November 4, 2013

All Souls

Although this year we didn't have a momentous occasion like the birth of the 7 billionth human coinciding with Halloween, I still wanted to mark the holiday in some way. 

This year Halloween was a somber occasion, as for many of us--especially those who may have some pagan tendencies--it is a time to remember and honor the dead. My mom never made a huge deal for Halloween, but she did love kids and loved seeing all the little beasts come by in their costumes, and enjoyed rewarding their adorableness with sugary snacks.

This year, we didn't have Mom but we did have Dad, Uncle Johnny, Florian, and our buddy Eric whose house we descended upon. With that crowd, plus an old bag of costume stuff that we brought up from the basement,  how could you really go wrong?

Eric served us some really good, healthy, TVP-rich vegan chili he'd made from scratch with onions from his own garden, while we handed out sugar-laden, tooth-rotting corporate snacks to neighborhood children. 
Why is it that some of the most boring-sounding events, like sitting around in Eric's house with Uncle Johnny and some vegan chili, turn out to be some of the greatest times ever? 

Maybe it's all of those really good sugary snacks. 


  1. So funny. Mom loves that nutty holiday

  2. Have you noticed that so many times that sound dull are the best times of all?

  3. I'm glad happy memories of your mom made the holiday even more fun. :)

    We were recovering from colds this year and hid from the visiting goblins.I look forward to making up for it next year.

  4. I'm thinking any holiday that allows dressing in fanciful costumes would be awesome with Florian around. So glad you had a great time.


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