Monday, October 7, 2013

The Swiss Invasion

Last week, Florian's parents and their good friends came from Switzerland and stayed with us for the week.

Our house is not large, but the guests didn't mind making do with what we have to offer. Plus, they met the only other requirement for guests in our house. They love dogs.

It was really fun having the house filled with not just one but many jovial, friendly, talkative  French-speaking people who love dogs. 

We ate lots of good food and had my sister and my Dad over a few times. 

Everyone enjoyed the company, and the Swiss fondue. 
We also went on some sightseeing ventures. We showed them Sugarloaf Mountain, Frederick, and Harper's Ferry. 

We didn't bring the dogs on that trip, but we got to see lots of other people's dogs as well as some amazing views 

and some gorgeous fall foliage. 

We also ended up going for quite a hike, up the steep stone steps on Sugarloaf Mountain.

Fortunately, the Swiss--at least these Swiss--are hale, hearty, outdoorsy people and were right at home. 

Even though our "mountains" are really just hills and are not even measured in metric units. 

The last night they were here, I made some yummy baked acorn squash that I'd bought at a roadside vendor next to Sugarloaf Mountain, and we had some wild rice, asparagus, and other meaty things we won't even mention here. 

All was enjoyed heartily, and Lamar got to have some of his favorite food--squash skins. So strange that he loves those, but he ate them all!

Au revoir, mes amis! A prochaine annee, au Suisse!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. You and Florian must have been great hosts.

  2. love it!! Looks like you had a great time and I agree that you must have been great hosts!
    Barks and licks and love,

  3. Sounds like fun! I'd love to have a house full of visitors for the dogs to enjoy(and me) but our family doesn't seem to eager to travel west:( I love the east coast in the Fall though, beautiful pictures! My parents live in Frederick, it's a cute town:)

  4. What a lovely time you all must have had! It's so much fun to have visitors like yours! :)

  5. Looks like a great visit. So glad you and Florian got to spend time with loved ones. Hopefully Lamar and Fozzie got a little extra lovin' (maybe an extra treat or two) too.

  6. How brilliant, lovely to have good friends who love dogs and I like that criteria for any guests! We are off to France in a couple of weeks and my brother is coming for the first time with his twin baby boys, he has promised they will all behave and love the dogs!


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