Monday, September 30, 2013

Product Reviews: A Sign that All is Well with the World

Back in July, I was contacted by our friends at to do a product review on my choice of a few different dog chews. With all that's gone on this summer, I just haven't been in a space where I could enumerate the virtues of and write a really good product review. 

Well thanks to the enduring power of the human spirit, support from friends, family, and blog readers, or maybe just a sense of duty to acknowledge those consumer products that have some real value in a world in which we are bombarded with exhortations to buy buy buy consume eat and buy some more almost constantly, it is time at last for a product review!

We chose the True Chews lils beef bully sticks. The dogs were immediately intrigued when they saw they had a new chewy treat to enjoy.

Of course, the best test of a really good chew is whether it has the power to make a dog feel better about frightening or unpleasant things like nail clippers or deshedding.  

Though clipping the nails is still not exactly a breeze with Fozzie, the prospect of a good chew definitely made a bit of clipping possible.

The dense, chewy sticks last a while even in a determined chewer's mouth, so they are great for providing sustained distraction and entertainment. 

Lamar was so happy working on his chew that he didn't even notice me going at his coat with the dreaded Furminator. 

I still had Lady at the time we received the chews; she just got a free chew since I didn't feel like making her work too hard. She, like the boys, was very contented going off into a corner to work on her tasty roll of beefy goodness. 

You can get your own True Chews lils beef bully sticks at the True Chews page.

My only quibble with the product is that the small bag of dog chews was shipped in a large box and surrounded by packing materials. An overall excellent chew, but why all the waste?

Thanks for the great chews!


  1. Those would be very popular here at our house, too! Great review, too!

  2. That must have been a fun review!

  3. Great review, even though a nail trim and the furminator was involved.


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