Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Last Swim of the Season

Among the fun activities we got to enjoy the Week of the Swiss was a last visit to my aunt and uncle's pool. 

We thought the experience would feel like home for them, since the times we spend at my aunt and uncle's pool are very similar in some ways to the times we spend in Switzerland with Florian's parents and other Swiss and French relatives and friends

Both my aunt and uncle and the Swiss love to entertain, love to set out vast quantities of delicious food, and love to sit outside talking for hours.

On this occasion, my sister and I agreed that Genghis would stay home so I could take both Lamar and Fozzie. It was so great to have that big man at the pool with us. 

He had a great time too. Making sure everyone's face was clean, 

and spending the rest of his time thoroughly patrolling my aunt's gardens to make sure no squirrels or mice got away with anything. 

In this area, the week the Swiss were here was ridiculously hot for early October. Especially when I remember that a couple of Octobers ago, it was snowing in the mountains. 

So running around and working hard in all my aunt's gardens was hot work. 

Which meant that Fozzie, who is in general a bit of an anxious dog, a bit hesitant about venturing into deep water, 

found himself irresistibly drawn to checking out that cool blue place all the humans seemed to enjoy so much. 

He didn't venture in too far, but enough to cool down those hot paws and gulp a chlorinated mouthful or two. 

I can't blame ya Fozzie, there's really nothing like it on a hot day. 

You just take it at your own pace buddy. No need to do everything in excess, 

like certain Swiss people we know. 


  1. Florian and Fozzie! Those two certainly keep you busy. It is so cold here in Indiana tonight, seeing pool pictures, especially recent ones, seem unreal.

  2. Beautiful pictures! At least you got a good mid-October swim in :-)

  3. Oh I'm so glad he got to go!! Delilah who loves to swim, is herself hesitant around a pool. It takes some coaxing but once she realized there were steps she did better.


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