Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Bittersweet Reunion

As you may have gathered from a picture in my last post, Lady came back with us for a short spell. 

She wasn't doing so great with the cats in her adoptive home. Plus, as you may remember, her new home was just down the street from me and whenever she walked past our house, she would pull to come back. So her owners thought they wanted to give her back to me.

As it happened, she returned to us on the last night of having our wonderful Swiss visitors. 

So it was like a little party just for Lady. 

Lady loved meeting all the new dog-loving people, and showering all the dog-loving people she knew before with kisses.

She seemed happy to be back and just lie near me. 

I'm sure it didn't hurt that she was surrounded by food.

She readily found her way onto an orthopedic dog bed and made herself at home, 

just happy to be surrounded by so much welcoming energy. 

Then of course Florian put her in bed with us. 

Lamar was not too happy to see Lady again, as Lamar is just uncomfortable with many dogs and Lady has that bit of Chow edginess that puts him over the edge. So when the owners decided that after all, they wanted to keep trying with Lady, it was bittersweet again.

It's wrenching to think that maybe she's not happy, or maybe she's happier with me. I am trying to let go, and just remember that she is lucky to have a home with people who care for her.

This was tough though and confirms that I'm ready for a break from fostering. Fozzie and Lamar, I'll need some extra lovin'!


  1. Aww, I don't know if I would love it or hate it to have my former fosters living down the street from me! I hope Lady finds peace in her home:)

  2. I'm glad she has a home with love to come back to and I'm sorry it is difficult on your dogs to have her home. Poor girl. She just loves you. :(

  3. I like what Benny & Lily said...bittersweet for sure.

  4. I think taking a break is important when you foster. I also think that if Lady comes back yet again that it's a sign from the universe that you shouldn't ignore!

  5. Gosh that is tough,very emotional. I dont know how you wonderful fosterers do it and this kind of thing just makes me certain I couldnt. Be brave,

  6. The new owners, if at all possible, need to walk Lady away from your home; she should not go past it for a year. Obviously, she is very comfortable with you all, but to give both her and you a break and better adjust to her new home, she should not be exposed to you. Sad, bittersweet, but it's not fair to her. Hope they can do this plus take her to a dog class; if not for training, then for bonding and working on specifics together as a family. What wonderful visitors you had!

  7. Wow, this would be so hard to deal with. It seems like a break would be good, mentally too!

  8. That would be tough having a foster so close by!

    I recently had the pleasure of seeing Jonah-- his adoptive family brought him to visit at a Petsmart adoption event. There was so much going on that he was equally excited to see me as he was to see any stranger. At first I was like "Hey, shouldn't he be going ballistic to see me???" And then I just realized how obvious it was he landed where he belonged, and how true to his spirit and loving nature that he just wanted to greet everyone.

    Hope things are going better for Lady now.

  9. I'm behind, so I hope it stuck this time. I would think it would be more confusing for her to bop back and forth. I hope they chose to work with her and try and strengthen their bond.


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