Friday, February 22, 2013

Our new favorite thing

With my buddy Francine's Tuesday night Tricks class, I've been thinking more about ways to incorporate fun tricks into our everyday life.

I remembered the exercise balls that we had so much fun with in Fozzie's dance class, and I finally got around to buying one. 


Star and I are both very happy I did. 

What a great tool for exercising and learning new tricks--for humans and dogs.

Since Star was already growing adept at Standing on her two hind legs, she quickly learned to put those two front paws on the exercise ball for a treat. 

Now she readily puts those paws on it and is getting more and more comfortable with staying on it as it starts to move, using those front paws to manipulate it instead of getting scared and jumping off in response to motion.


A bit of peanut butter--our new secret weapon against dog distraction-- doesn't hurt either. 

It's only a matter of time before Star can climb all the way on to the pilates ball  like that pit bull in the class Fozzie and I took. In the meantime, she'll be building her core strength every time she works out on the fitness ball, getting better and better at balancing and standing and paving the way for other new tricks. 

Like getting on the skateboard!

She is already taking several steps at a time on her hind legs across the floor, and starting to be able to spin around on her hind legs.

Meanwhile, this human is doing some much less adorable but very therapeutic tricks on the exercise ball that are designed to strengthen the abs and relieve back pain caused by too many dog activities. 
Hopefully said ab strength will enable me to keep up with said dogs as they, in turn, strengthen their abs by doing all those activities!


  1. Boy, looking at the pictures, Star looks right at home on that ball. Had to laugh that with all the pup training, you're needing the ball too.

  2. Let me know how that ball works for strengthening your abs. I need some help. :-0

  3. Looking good doing the tricks. Liked the video clip. Mom hasn't tried any of that with us. Most of us would need a pretty small ball.
    Ernie and the furkids

  4. What a great job. Mom brought out that ball too and we screamed
    Benny & Lily

  5. I've had dogs who were totally frightened of large balls. Star looks in control of the ball and the world. Peanut butter always helps.

  6. If I had know dogs could be trained on Swiss balls, I would have kept ours. It got sent off to Salvos at our last big clean up. Evil thing ;)

  7. Damn she looks cute in that last picture!
    I love the joy and bonding I can always see between you and the pups.
    Hades runs from my exercise ball like it's the devil.

  8. That looks like so much fun. I had wondered if the ball would stand up to dog claws. I guess I have my answer.


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