Friday, February 1, 2013

Lemons into lemonade, grapefruits into vile-tasting grapefruit seed extract

It's been quite a week and a half. Thanks everyone for continuing to visit and leave nice comments on my old blog posts; I've taken a little breakie while attending to other things. 

First, my car was stolen...from my driveway! Embarrassingly, it was not the first time--apparently Dodge Caravans are incredibly easy to steal. The other times it came back though, and it looks like that's not happening this time.

No big deal, I needed to get a more fuel-efficient vehicle anyway, and the dogs need something with rear windows that roll down so they don't have to sit on my lap in front in order to get near the cool breeze. 

While still digesting this news, I learned that everyone at my job would be taking a salary decrease because the economy is still so tough for nonprofits. On the plus side, I also reduced my hours and now I'll have more time for dog clients. Just the motivation I've wanted to put more energy into my dog business.

Then, I got nailed with a cold and raging sinus infection. 

Great excuse to lie in bed with the humidifier, a couple of dogs, and my laptop and build a brand-new website! If you get a minute, please let me know what you think. It's not fancy but it's costing me about a buck 79 a month.

Funny to be an entrepreneur who also has a problem with shyness. You want to promote your business, and at the same time you feel embarrassed that anyone might discover you are doing so. I have to wait until I'm in the right mood, do a bunch of promotion, and hope I don't cringe too much once I'm out of the mood and I look back on all the promotional things I did.

In any case, Florian got the same cold and sinus infection, and we've been trying to rest, stay warm, and do nasal flushes with salt water and a few drops of grapefruit seed extract...horrible stuff but it makes those bacteria think twice about setting up residence with us, let me tell you.

Carless, congested, beaten down by creeping self-doubt threatening to overwhelm my attempted buoyancy in the face of economic realities, of course I would get into a big fight with my sister and of course when she hung up on me I would smash my cell phone across the kitchen. 

Of course said cell phone is now somewhat the worse for wear, although miraculously, it still functions--though the display is no longer extant. 

Which means that when my sister calls me, I won't know it's her, so I won't be able to avoid talking to her and we'll make up sooner. Probably. Is that the silver lining to this part of the story?

How has YOUR week been?


  1. Actually compared to yours my week has been great, so I will stifle any complaints. Hope the new month brings you a new car, clear sinuses and joy.

  2. The site looks great! Sorry to hear about the sickness & your car being stolen!! This has happened 2 times? That is crazy! My display no longer works on my phone either....Hope you have a great weekend & that you & your sister make up soon :)

  3. Car being stolen out of your driveway??? Oh man, that would be tough! You have quite the positive attitude with everything. The website looks good! If you were in my area I'd be hiring you to do Hades' nails! I don't trust anyone to handle his nails and they are so long I feel like we are practically neglecting him in that sense. I've been making some progress with him though on allowing him to let me clip his nails. However I can only get about a milimeter off on three nails before he decides he wants to shriek, cry and run away.

  4. This is both a sad and joyful post...such is life. So sorry about your car being stolen. I hope you're able to get something that works great for you and the pups. I'm also sorry about the loss of hours, but SO EXCITED about your renewed focus on your business. I'm right with you on being a shy entrepreneur. I know with your passion and heart, that if you just speak naturally about what you're doing, your perfect customers will find you. I think it is really cool that you offer the in-home service. I know that would be a great thing for my folks who are in their 80's. Also for people who work. Go to work and come home to a beautifully groomed pup. Hope you and Florian continue to feel better and heal up.

  5. Wow. Sounds like an intense week. It must be so awful to have your car stolen. I had my car broken into and my purse stolen a while ago and though it's not the same, it was horrible. The website looks super cool. I am a web designer so let me know if you ever want help. I know exactly what you mean about being a shy entrepreneur. I am starting up a new business and by far the scariest part for me is promoting it! I've been addicted to the show Shark Tank lately and I can't believe how brave those people are.

  6. Sorry to hear about your week. Hopefully Karma will bite the person's butt who stole your car. Love the website! May have to request your grooming services in the future! Do you express the glands?

  7. I have a dog crazy sister and brother-in-law living in Fairfax County, VA - I'm sending them your site! it's lovely and I hope, now you're on the mend, the dog mindfulness business picks up. Serendipitously, I've been thinking of mindfulness in relation to my dogs this weekend - be well!

  8. Your website looks great. I think you have a niche there, Kristine. As you say, most groomers just want to get the dog in and out. Between the site and this blog, your potential customers should get a good feel of how you are with dogs, including "difficult" ones. I would trust you with Georgia!

    Sorry about the car and your stuffy heads. Hopefully you're feeling better by now. I didn't know grapefruit seed extract could be used this way. I've only ever used it as a preservative when making body butter! Take care. HUGS X

  9. What a crappy week. Geez. here's hoping that you can focus on the positive. No, I don't mean that in a flippant kind of way. Hey, a new vehicle! Some couch time with your family (no, not your sister). I understand that it's difficult but try and remain positive and when you're feeling better, when your cold is gone, things will seem better. We here at acd6pack promise! Take care.

  10. Oh my goodness you've had a hell of a time haven't you? Poor thing! BTW I took a look at your website and it looks beautiful!!

    What is it about sisters that can really frost our cookies? :-) Mine can get me in a raging mood! LOL

    So how do you use the grapefruit seed extract? I've never heard of it.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!!


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