Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dogs and Love

Despite ups and downs and mishaps of late, there is no shortage of love around here.

Sometimes I look at these dogs and I just can't stand it how much I love them. Their fur, their paws, their snorting grunting noses and cool tongues, the way they look at me in loving confusion when I assault them yet again with my inappropriate displays of affection.

I swear, I don't know how any dog owner gets anything done. 

At least those who own the sorts of dogs who tolerate being slathered with affection, because when a dog loves it as much as I do, what motivation is there to ever do anything else? I haven't been on time for work since pit mixes came into my life.

Tonight, Florian and I are going to try to do something consciously romantic together as opposed to just passively enjoying one anothers' proximity as each of us interacts individually with one of the dogs. Maybe it will involve chocolate, or wine, or a nice ethnic dinner out, and an early evening home so we can be back with the dogs for a family love-fest.

The Tibetans have prayer bells, that send blessings out into the world each time they ring. I think a dog's vigorously wagging tail does the same thing. 

I hope everyone out there is having a wonderful Valentine's Day, and feeling how much love you bring into the world by training, feeding, rescuing, and just being good to your dogs. 


  1. That sounds like a plan. We had none and it worked out just fine.

    I love the idea of Tibetan bells ringing out blessings. I hung out some new prayer flags just a few days ago because the storms brought down the last lot. Hopefully, those wishes have gone out to the cosmos :) Have a great day Kirsten, Florian, Lamar and Fozzie X

  2. I too love the idea of the Tibetan bells. My pups have been huge spiritual teachers to me. I hope you and Florian have a wonderful Valentine's Day celebration!

  3. I chuckled and agreed with your comment about not getting things done! We always have the big love fests and lots and lots of cuddles and affection, the dishes can be washed later and the housework will have to wait another day.

  4. We definitely understand the lack of motivation that is part of every dog owner's life when we get our priorities straight.

  5. I never get anything done! Too many kisses to give and get!!

    Mamma Heartbeat

  6. This made me teary!
    Truly we spend so much time smushing our dogs faces, kissing them and slathering them in an abudance of love it's almost absurd. I am almost late to work often because I am busy smothering my pups with affection. :)

  7. So sweet! Happy Valentine's Day. I loved your comparison of dogs' wagging tails with Tibetan prayer bells. I think it's an accurate one!

  8. Our little band of four dogs sends out good wishes to your house and to all those who inhabit it.

  9. I hope you had a great day. I certainly enjoyed the day with my loved ones(dogs:) and we shared lots of kisses and laughs.


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