Monday, February 11, 2013

Games and Tricks class

Star has been doing so well with learning tricks that I knew she would enjoy coming to my friend Francine's Games & Tricks class. 

I sometimes help with this class when there are a lot of people signed up, especially when there are a couple of dogs there who are reactive or have trouble concentrating in class. 

This time, there were just a few students so Francine let me bring Star.

This class was Star's own little fantasy land. We were the first students there so for a while it was just a room filled with toys, things to play with, things to chew on, and people with treats. Wow!

For the first 15 minutes, we just let her wander around, going from nylabone to squeaky tennis ball to soccer ball and chewing on each for a few minutes before moving on to the next. 

Practicing her tricks in exchange for treats, and showing off how well she can roll over

and stand up 

 and spin

It was so fun to see her having such a good time. 

Pretty soon two other dogs showed up, and Star got very excited and amped up. Francine doesn't want dogs greeting when on leash in the close quarters of the class, so Star got very frustrated and made lots of squeakies. 

My cheesy treats weren't sufficient to get her attention, but fortunately Francine had a jar of peanut butter.  A mouthful of that and she calmed right down.

It was amazing to see how her focus improved immediately post-peanut butter. Like the soothing familiar deliciousness just put her right back in her body and reminded her of herself.

Even after her belly was full and no treats were of interest, she was able to accomplish a brilliant Paws Up with a Nylabone as a lure. The Nylabone was so enticing she would have chewed it all night, and in fact she did chew it until her gums started to bleed. 


Fortunately, Francine's friend Margarita got some amazing pictures before we had to confiscate the Nylabone. 

I'm so impressed by those pictures. I think they really capture her irresistible cuteness. Hopefully lots of potential adopters will agree...but not too soon.


  1. That IS some irresistable cuteness!!

  2. That is a beautiful dog. Peanut butter is the best motivator I've ever used, surprisingly better than bacon.

  3. Hi Kirsten, you're doing great things with Star. She has a better life. We mentioned your friend, the "headless horseman" in my last post.

  4. I think you can get a softer compound nylabone... maybe she wouldn't hurt her mouth on one of those. She looks so happy, she is lucky to have you as a foster mum!

  5. I love to see what you do in class. Always so interesting.

  6. Hi Kirsten, no you're not forgetful - a long time ago we made a comment about a headless horseman ( riding out of the fog and you had added a comment about watching out for that headless dude so my dad said that the headless guy was a friend of yours cause of where you live. I'm sure that none of this makes any sense but it's just my dad's weird and convoluted sense of humor. It's okay, he's Canadian and on medication :)

  7. Star is doing so well! Good work on everyone's part.

    Is that bald spot on her front left shoulder? Just curious. She's still beautiful!!


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