Monday, July 16, 2012

More fun at the pool

As you know if you have recently raised a puppy, it takes a fair amount of dedication to tire a pup out and prevent the daily wacky chewy zippy demanding running about session, when nothing in the house is safe from being gotten into and said puppy is more often than not in your face, looking for attention, validation, engagement, comfort, and the other pleasures that puppies need from their companions. If you've ever lived in a place that regularly features 95+ degree heat and high humidity in the summer, then you can understand the challenges in getting adequate outdoor exercise for such a pup. 

Fortunately, social and mental stimulation can be just as tiring as physical exercise. A day at Aunt Nancy's pool provides opportunities for plenty of both. 

The only way to cool off in this heat is to be in the water as much as possible.  

Everyone loves Pager, and my aunt and uncle would adopt her if they didn't travel so much. 


She enjoys just relaxing and checking out the scene, and plotzing out when things get too exciting.


Much as I try to avoid hard physical labor except when absolutely necessary, I was not able to escape some duties as water taxi driver. 


Fortunately, Genghis takes his duties as a lifeguard very seriously and kept us all safe.


While Genghis and I were hard at work, others had the day off.

After a few hours, even Pager seems to have had enough excitement! Rest, at last.
And in other news, we are very excited to announce the winner of last week's giveaway. It's our friend Jodi Stone! Can't wait to find out which wacky dog tag she chooses.


  1. What a gorgeous way to spend the day, wish we lived with you :) The rain is still falling here in England, the girls are indoors again after their rainy wet walk this morning, but the rain did stay away for our day out yesterday. We met lots of ex-foster girls, which was brilliant, we updated some pics on the blog.
    Happy swimming and cooling off chaps xx

  2. Looks like everyone had a good time and Pager is adorable. We're having the same as you. A small chance of rain this week...please, please.

  3. A beautiful day for a dip! We know splashing in the water is a sure fire way to tire Finnie out too! Have a great day!

  4. Cool beans!! Thanks Kirsten, I'm very excited.

    I agree with the social and mental stimulation. When my dogs go to daycare they don't play a lot, but they are awake much more and there are different things going on. The same thing when we have people over, it can be just as tiring. I love that little Pager, it's a good thing Hubby says NO. I would have more dogs than I could handle. :-)

  5. We sure wouldn't mind hanging out with you guys
    Benny & Lily

  6. I've been working from home lately and I find Honey gets pretty tired just from keeping up with me during the day. If I were working at an office, she'd get to sleep for hours at a time.

    Looks like you've found a fun way to keep cool. And it looks like Pager is feeling pretty comfortable as a poolside pup.

  7. Hi Kirsten, it's been a little warm out here too. Probably not as warm as where you are - so I'm been wearing my cool coat and walking earlier in the day and walking in my backyard where there's grass instead of hot asphalt or concrete. You could swim with me Kirsten. I'm pretty good in the pool.

  8. That looks like a fun and lovely pool!

    Ah, puppy days. It seemed like a freak blessing each time Elka tired herself out enough that she was napping!

  9. It has been hot here too, but not THAT hot! I have been wondering how all the pups in the US have been making out in the heat wave. My sympathies, because hot humid weather is so hard on dogs. We have been going to the lake for a dip and walking at the break of dawn (somedays I pray for rain just so I can get a chance to sleep in). One thing I do when it is just too hot and when the weather is too rainy or cold is to hide treats throughout the house and fill their Nina Ottosson games. They say ten minutes of mental stimualtion is as good as a half hour walk. They LOVE the find it game and it gives me some "Mommy time."


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