Monday, July 23, 2012

Another fledgling leaves the nest

Well another foster pup has gone to her forever home, and as always it's both too soon and much later than I would have thought, wrenching and a huge relief.

When I first got Pager, I thought--6 month old lab, for Chrissakes. How long is THAT going to take to get adopted? 

With her face, I thought it would be a week, max. 

But the applications just didn't come, or maybe there were a couple of inquiries but from people who worked long hours and had no other dogs and I just couldn't send her away to be alone, knowing how she feels about that.


And then, in the last week or so, I've gotten about 5 really solid applications and one from people who wanted a black lab, she works from home, he's an athletic outdoorsy hiker runner guy, they have lots of friends with dogs, they have a fenced yard with a dog door, and they'll never crate her.  

They met her on Monday, interviewed at the shelter on Thursday, and took her that evening.

And just like that, that little precious face that I could stare into for hours because it is the cutest little tiny thing I could possibly imagine, is gone from our lives.

Pager, I'll miss you, but I'm so glad you'll be loved and have constant company. 
Fozzie and Lamar will miss you, but maybe not that much.

Write soon, OK?


  1. Aw, we are so glad for Pager!!

  2. So happy for you, Pager! A forever home!

  3. That's great news! Sad for you, but just for a little while. Well done again, Kirsten :D

  4. Brilliant news for Pager, such mixed emotions though. I am forever thankful to Susie-Belle's foster mum who she spent 6 months with, both for loving her as she did (does) and for letting us bring Susie-Belle into our family. I am totally admiring of the work fosterers do, if we didn't travel as much, I'd like to think I could do it, but fear I'd be a failed one!

  5. Good news! It sounds like Pager has found a lovely home. I hope her new guy takes her kayaking too!

    Each time we bring a foster home, my husband starts making adoption noises in about 2 hours. I'm not even tempted (or at least not yet). Not because we haven't met great dogs. But because they're so wonderful I can't wait to share them with someone else who will get to see all the wonderful things they have to offer.

    Can't wait to hear who will be coming to live with you next. Good luck!

  6. Congratulations Pager!! We are so happy to hear another foster has gone to a loving forever home. We just had 2 fosters adopted to loving homes! A wonderful feeling!! Like Pamela's husband, mine starts with adoption noises after we bring a new one home. Love these happy tails!
    Mom Barb

  7. Congrats to Pager!! Great job foster family!

  8. Aww...Kirsten. We're glad that Pager found a good home but we were wondering because Pager had some trust issues at first whether you could check in on Pager to make sure that he's okay...

  9. Oh my gosh, that is amazing! Congratulations to Pager - she is a lucky, lucky dog!

  10. Congrats! We've found it is always such a mix of sadness and but also seeing how happy they are with their new families. We will miss seeing her little face too.

  11. And here she is, so happy to have her!

  12. Page already met my foster dog, Waldo (, and they were absolutely in love with each other- She is very happy in her new home, and she has great doggy parents!

    1. I'm so glad she and Waldo got to hang out, and hope they'll get to hang out some more! She certainly does love other dogs, and Waldo looks like a sweetie.

  13. Congratulations! As always I am crying. I get so attached reading about other people's fosters. You've just been fostering with a fury! Bring on the next one! ;)


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