Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dog tag art: a giveaway!

Though I have yet to realize my dream of worldwide notoriety and unimaginable riches as a result of this blog, I have gotten a couple of very nice offers in exchange for simply writing a product review. The latest? Several free dog tags from

When I received the offer, I went right on over to the site and was absolutely struck dumb by the diversity and creativity of the offerings. They're a hoot!

There is an incredible selection of creative, wacky, artistic, and absurd dog tags by original artists. 

Or you can upload your own art, and make royalties when other users buy one of your creations.

Fozzie, Lamar, and Pager are sporting the first three dog tags pictured here, but there were others that tempted me!

Which dog tag inspires you? Well, the VERY generous folks who run the site have given me the opportunity to let you choose a tag that captures YOUR dog's joyful, ridiculous, or artsy nature--free!


How to win? It's easy--especially for anyone who's been a diligent reader of this blog for a while. Just answer the following question: What was the name of my white shepherd foster dog?

Email peacefuldog at yahoo dot com with your name, your answer, and the name of your blog. Winner will be chosen at random by a diligently sniffing nose. Good luck!


  1. The tags are cute. Good luck to the contest entrants.

    I couldn't possibly win one because then I'd need to get a new collar so Honey's faded one didn't look ugly in comparison. And then I'd have to give her a bath so she looked all pretty with her new collar and tag. And so it goes... :)

    But I'll go tweet about your giveaway now. It's a great prize.

  2. I love the tags. I'm on my way over to check them out.

  3. The photos look absolutely gorgeous! Love the tags-- super fun!

  4. Thanks for sharing. Lady thinks i need that black and white one as a warning, but I don't. She laughed. I don't think it's funny. I need one that says "I lick toes."

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