Monday, July 2, 2012

The beautiful princess and the apocalypse

This weekend was my niece's 5th birthday. We were supposed to have a party at my sister's house with a theme of the Beautiful Princess, complete with an original theatrical production featuring Florian as the Handsome Prince and me as Queen Angry, 

but the night before there was a huge storm, power outages everywhere, 

a huge tree came down in my sister's back yard,

and we just didn't have it in us to do a Beautiful Princess-themed shindig. 

So we went with it and had a post-apocalyptic theme instead.  

All the kiddies seemed to have fun despite the smashed trampoline, and they loved it when a certain super hero made an appearance. 

The really neat thing was to see how great Pager was with about 15 overheated kids running around, screaming, and blasting Spider man with silly string, 

and as many adults sitting around and wondering what they did to deserve the experience of a toddler birthday party in the 94 degree heat with no AC or fans. 


She's not gregarious like Collette or Sandy--not to mention Fozzie--but she does seem to like kids and to be incredibly tolerant of them.  

Very good to know!

For a dog who was almost labeled incurably shy, she did so well.

She was definitely a little more comfortable once the kiddies left and there was just her family, including everyone's favorite--Uncle Johnny!


I've never had a dog who just climbed up on the chairs around the table with the humans, to check out the food offerings. 

Hmm--not much here besides Veggie Booty and really cheap beer!

Bring me back to the shelter!

No such luck Pager, you're stuck with us for at least a little while. It's for your own good! It's a wacky world out there, so you better get used to it.


  1. Looks like we had the same kind of weather this weekend :( Glad that you were able to make the best of it. Good job Pager :)

  2. Oh, god bless the superhero in that suit in that heat! At least you took a bad situation and put smiles on faces. Good for everyone!

  3. Oh wow - I hope everyone in the neighborhood is ok! What a great kid too if she was expecting a princess themed party and went with post-apocalyptic!

  4. Hi Kirsten, it was actually pretty nice up here yesterday. Sunny with big white clouds, a "coolish" breeze and about 70 degrees. Today, well it's overcast with rain starting later this morning. We're pretty impressed that (1) Florian wore a Spider Man Suit in 94+ degree weather indoors, (2) that Pager is doing so well, (3) that no kids got eaten, heh, heh heh :) (4) that your sister and family were okay.

  5. Such craziness in the weather lately...but I do love how you were able to change the theme in time (and what could be more fun than Spiderman and silly string?). And that is incredibly huge that Pager was able to hang out with all the kids...not sure if even I would be able to do that.

  6. What great life experience for Pager, that's the kind of stuff that will move her forward. She looked very relaxed in her pics, great stuff!. Sorry to hear about your sister's poor tree. It sounds like the birthday was a smash always know how to have fun regardless.

  7. well for a day that started out crummy you guys sure did make the best of it!
    yay for pager and her excelling around kids!

  8. Way to make lemonade out of lemons; glad no one was hurt. Go, Spidey and Pager!

  9. Wow - I knew it was a bad storm, but that's crazy! Glad you are all ok and that the party went on as scheduled, even if not in its initial guise. And what a good girl Pager was!

  10. Holy crap, glad every buddy is ok
    Benny & Lily

  11. I'm so sorry about the tree and all the yuckiness your sister will have to deal with to get it out of her backyard. What a good sport Florian was. I can tell that the kids loved it! Little Pager is just getting it all figured out. Nice to see that she is normal and fell under Uncle Johney's spell.

  12. Sorry to hear about the storm damage, but that was a brilliant bit of lateral thinking, switching to an apocalypse theme! Happy birthday 5 year old niece! :)

    BTW, does spidey know his mask slipped off?

  13. She is so cute! I'm sorry to hear about the bad weather, I hope you all have power back now. And I love how Pager is sitting at the table, that is adorable.

  14. OMG this is great how the party still went on despite the storm. I love the picture of Pager sitting at the table - so cute! Thanks for sharing with us.

  15. Love her sitting in the chair! Florian is such a great sport--hats off to him.

  16. Kids and dogs are great examples. They still manage to have fun even without electricity. Hope you're getting some relief.


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