Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rescue Me Too!

Today's post is also dedicated to Mayzie's RESCUE ME HOME WEEK in memory of Grampa JMayzie and Brudder Ranger are such dedicated beautiful activist pups, we want to make sure they know their activism on behalf of all animals awaiting rescue is appreciated and magnified, like a beautiful flower blooming for all the cool fresh noses to sniff.
We're playing for the Washington Humane Society, because they work so hard to help so many abandoned and neglected animals in the Washington, DC area.

Today let's take a look at Gino and Toto, a gorgeous pair of rabbits who live at the Washington Humane Society.

Here's what their description says about Gino and Toto:

Meet Gino and Toto! We're just a couple of beautiful boys who've had enough of the bachelor life and are searching for our forever home. Since we're pals from way back, we want to stick together- friends are forever! So if you're looking for a sweet, snuggly pair, just ask for us- we'll hop right into your heart!

Did you know what great pets rabbits make? They can live in a nice-sized crate or pen, but they can also roam around the house and be litter-trained! They love affection and they eat all kinds of yummy things besides carrots--like dandelion greens. In the summer, you can even put them in a movable pen in your yard and they'll mow the lawn for you, square by square. 

And another thing you may not have known? You can find them at your local shelter! No need to go to one of those big box pet stores and give money to the people who profit from selling animals. Go to your shelter and check out all the love that awaits in so many shapes, sizes, and species.

And while you're there, wouldn't you just love to adopt a large, older, black dog? These are the dogs that stick around longest in shelters. Dogs like Doc, this precious skinny pit bull mix who is also at the Washington Humane Society. Here's what they say about Doc:
Doc is a goofball! He's fearless on the agility equipment and loves playing with toys in the yard. Doc came to WHS because he didn't get along with his former owner's cat, but is winning over hearts at the shelter with his playful antics. Come meet this great dog today!
Doc has the kind of face that gets foster moms like me in trouble. I sure hope someone else out there thinks he's as adorable as I do.

Thanks Mayzie and Brudder Ranger! Thanks Grampa J! I hope lots of animals find their way to loving homes because of your good works.


  1. I love this Rescue Me week! Good point about the rabbits; so few people do realize that they are available. And of course we always love seeing a good pit-mix pup.

  2. Hi Kirsten, thank you for promoting Rescue Me week and for "featuring" animals that need homes. It saddens me to hear about "high kill" shelters and the number of homeless animals out there. Maybe the posts that you put up on your blog will make a difference to those looking for a home.

  3. Great post for Rescue Me Week. Hoping the 2 cute rabbits and Doc find loving homes, thanks to your posting about them..
    Thanks on behalf of rescued animals

  4. Yay for rescue rabbits! These two are just so precious with their little noses. Considering how difficult it is to get people to consider adoption for dogs and cats, I imagine it's twice as hard for rabbits. Most people wouldn't even think of going to a shelter for a fuzzy bunny.

    Doc is gorgeous, and definitely trouble. If I didn't live so far, I'd have a tough time holding myself back.

  5. Those bunnies are adorable. Yep, they need rescuing too!
    Benny & Lily

  6. Gino & Toto are super cute little bunnies! And I bet my dad would LUVS to have them mow our grass. But, well, I'm pretty sure I might chase 'em like the wild bunnies in our back yard and mom says that's not as fun for them as it is for me. My paws are crossed for a home that has lots of carrots and dandylions to eat!

    And gosh, Doc is a hunk! And his face is so smooshable and kissable. I don't know why black doggies have such a hard time getting adopted. I mean...LOOK at him! I am hoping he finds his furever & ever cat-free home real soon!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  7. Oh, Gino & Toto are adorable! Our furiend Pip has a bunny, but Mom won't let us have any more species in our house :) We sure hope those two find their new furever home. We can't help but chuckle when you say bachelors - bachelors, bunnies=Playboy Mansion. BOL! Is that un-PC? Still, we hope they find theirs! And that Doc is one handsome boy! AND an agility star. We just know the perfect home is right around the corner for him! Good luck you guys!

    The Road Dogs

  8. What's invisible and smells like carrots?

    Bunny farts!

    I'm sorry if I offended anyone. :(

    Adopt a bunny today! They're AWESOME!


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