Monday, November 7, 2011

Home and Garden

When the weather's nice, there's nothing better than sitting on the porch or working around the yard with the dogs. 

With a human outdoors, my dogs are much more energized and excited to play with each other, or even to explore things on their own and be active by themselves. Just like kids, they seem to enjoy having a human watching. 

It's also just nice to enjoy the sun, watch the birds, and relax together.

Miraculously, I have also found that Fozzie and Sandy can have some utility around the yard. 

A dog who likes to dig is generally not a gardener's friend, but what about a dog who digs only when and where the human is digging too? 

Fozzie, believe it or not, generally adheres to this guideline. Of course he loves to dig--most dogs do--but doing it as part of a game that I'm getting into makes it even better. 

Good thing he has no idea he's being useful. 

A less helpful habit involves sticking a certain little head deep into a bucket containing bare-root plants for transplanting, and strewing those plants about the yard. 
I guess I couldn't complain, since they'd just helped me dig all those nice holes. 

What are your dogs' favorite yard activities?

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  1. I never thought about asking the dogs to dig in specific areas - although I am not sure Turk would adhere to that rule... he does enjoy holding the trowel for me while I garden, which is always appreciated!

  2. I would have to say that Freedom, Casper and Nikki's favorite outdoor activity is grazing. They're not cows, they're Greyhounds, but you'd never know it by their backyard behavior.

  3. Love that you can make the digging useful :)

    Stop on by for a visit

  4. awesome! i plan to do lots of digging in the spring. I'm going to have buckley help. He LOVES digging!

    our pups like to bark at neighborhood cats & groundhogs. and sometimes chomp on rye/wheat grass.

  5. We don't have a backyard (only our 'urban deck') but it's seeing things like these that really make me want one again. We already trained Miss M to pick up her own toys and put them away on command, how cool would it be if I had a dog that could also landscape and garden?

  6. Sampson loves to just lie in the sun.

    Delilah is a grazer. She will scour the yard for anything that resembles edible. :-)

  7. Bunny likes digging holes and eating grass, Morgan patrols and keeps track of Homeland Security and Blueberry whines until we bring her back in the house!

  8. Hi Kirsten, well my brother Owen and my sister Tuvia will chase each other around. He knocks her to the ground or else she'll take a dive, we're not sure which one it is. They don't hurt each other and they get chiropractic treatments monthly just in case. Me? I generallyjut sniff the yard and eat grass. And Jetta sticks with mom, alot.

  9. I do NOT allow my dog to dig, ever, not letting THAT bad habit start! :)

    Besides, we don't garden, so it's not so useful for me! But I'm glad it was a family activity for you!

  10. I'm envious. Frankie and Beryl come and take a cursory look at what I'm doing and then go and lie down somewhere comfy and watch or sleep. I've tried to get Frankie to help me dig holes but he'd prefer to dig them in the lawn! They also like to graze quite a bit.

  11. Makai likes to inspect anything I turn my back to for 3 seconds. And by "inspect" I mean take a nibble of. Fresh dirt pile? Check. Pile of weeds? Yes. Carrots I've just harvested? Delicious. :)


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