Wednesday, October 14, 2015

U.S. Hide Natural Rawhide Chips from

On mornings when I work at my office in DC, I like to leave my dogs something engaging to chew on. 

Most treats will probably be gone within 30 seconds of my exiting the door, but it eases my mind a bit to know that at least they're engaged during those difficult moments when I have to tear myself away from their precious faces and set off on my long, lonely journey into the city, where I will win provisions for another day. 

Because I am an evil irresponsible dog-hating Neanderthal monster, one of my favorite chews to give my dogs is rawhide. It keeps them busy for a while, and they absolutely love it. 

Of course, according to recent reports it is also bleached, full of toxic chemicals, made in China, and has a high likelihood of making them die a horrible agonizing death at any moment.

So imagine my delight at finding that had on offer a rawhide from grass-fed, U.S. cows that is made in the U.S. with no bleach or formaldehyde!

You better believe I snatched up some of those U.S. Hide Natural Rawhide Chips and gave one to each dog as I left them for a full day at work, with not a care

in the world weighing down my shoulders.

You can bet I felt not a hint of guilt as I saw them take the translucent, wholesome-looking chip gently in their mouths,

then look at it thoughtfully for a moment as they contemplated the freshness they were about to enjoy. 

You might well imagine that there was even a hint of self-satisfaction in my demeanor as I distributed these U.S. made rawhide chews, 

and thought of what a good dog mom I am to provide such healthy, natural treats for my family. 

And you would be correct.

Thanks for making me feel justifiably smug vis a vis the chews I give my dogs. 


  1. Your lucky. Mom we choke on that stuff
    Lily & Edward

  2. We have given Cocoa rawhides and I like to make sure all her treats are made in the USA.

  3. We need to try those. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Monty and Harlow


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