Monday, October 12, 2015

Sky is Coming out of Her Shell

I've had Sky for a week and I was starting to think that she was just a shy, very quiet dog who just wanted to cuddle.

She's happy to go on walks but not urgent about them, and she doesn't pull on the leash but walks right next to me so she's touching my legs. She's tolerant of Fozzie and Dahlia and a little interested in them, but not overly excited or eager to play.  

All she's excited to do is to be right by my side at every moment. If I sit on the couch with my computer, if I get into bed to read, she wants to be as close as possible. When she sleeps with us at night, whenever she wakes up she tries to get closer by putting her head or half her body on my chest. 

I was thinking that she's just a dog who doesn't have much of a play drive, or is so nervous she just needs the reassurance of being touched by her favorite human at all times. But Friday night, there was a thunderstorm and my sister, Uncle Johnny, and my niece were all over so there was a lot of excitement and little Sky must have just gotten swept up. 

Fozzie and Dahlia were as usual attached to each other's throats, and Sky decided it looked like a lot of fun. 

There's the playful pup that was hidden behind that shyness!

I sort of had the feeling this side of her would show itself eventually. 

All along, she's seemed a little overwhelmed by Fozzie and Dahlia's intensity but curious about it, and not put off by it. Much as they wrestle and growl and crash into things every night, she would just watch, and she wouldn't shy away. 

It was good to see her finally engaging with them, especially with Dahlia. Maybe she's still a little nervous about Fozzie.

It is so sweet to watch them interact and see how they all clearly like each other! Sky is so easy to get along with, and my dogs are not--but Sky obviously sees their good hearts shining through all the dysfunction. That's kinda how I feel about them too. 

I've let Sky stay over at my sister's house a couple of nights, as my niece and Sky love each other and I am kind of hoping they all hit it off and she finds her permanent home right there. It is still wrenching to let go of her and not sleep next to her every night. 

But my intention is to try not to keep her, it really is! 


  1. I admire your a foster failure myself...

  2. What a beautiful girl! Sky looks like she's having a good time with the other dogs. It is always so cool when they come out of their shells. :)

    Good Luck with her. I hope she finds a loving home soon!

  3. That is beautiful. Sky only needed some love and now she is who she was always meant to be :) Awesome!!

  4. I'm so glad she came out of her shell. We will keep paws crossed she gets adopted by your sister. ;)

    Monty and Harlow

  5. I would love to foster. I could learn so much.
    (One day...)


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