Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Honest Kitchen Catfish Treats from Chewy.com

This month, Chewy.com was kind enough to supply our busy household with not one but TWO free stashes of tasty treats. 

In addition to the outstanding US Hide Natural Rawhide Chips, we chose Beams Pure Iceland Catfish Skin Sticks from the Honest Kitchen. These are made from wild-caught Atlantic catfish, which if you are concerned, as I am, with whether the animals that went into your dog snacks were raised humanely, is an improvement over cows, chickens, and pigs that come from slaughterhouses. 

As every lover of dogs and their diversions knows, there are three basic classes of treats. There are dry biscuits, not much more exciting than kibble but good for a late-nite snack when dogs are still hungry and you don't feel like dishing out more kibble. 

There are training treats, high-value for motivation and in small pieces for rapidity of chowing down. 

And there are long-lasting chews to get your dog through times without you, or get YOU through evenings when your dog would be madly humping your leg if you didn't thrust something in her mouth to keep her occupied. 

And I wasn't sure which of the latter two these catfish skin snacks would be. 

Turns out these sticks are large for training treats and more substantial. 

I also learned that pure catfish skin is rather thick and sturdy, and not amenable to breaking into bite-size pieces.  

No, these treats are best distributed whole so your dog can enjoy their savory, chewy texture and catfish-like flavor. 

The dogs loved them. No surprise, as this is the case with pretty much every single-ingredient snack we've tried and particularly with treats that involve dehydrated fish. 

Another winner from Chewy.com! I would highly recommend these high-value snacks, particularly for picky eaters, conscientious shoppers, and any occasion where a high-value, slightly long-lasting chew is called for. 


  1. Sounds great! Chewy sounds like a mighty handy place to get a good variety of treats.

  2. Hmmm....we've never had any fish based treats in the house before. I'm thinking maybe we should.

  3. Anti leg humping treat, really??? We don't have that problem here. But we might try the treats anyhow. We get wild salmon treats. So maybe we'll try the catfish.


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