Thursday, March 19, 2015

Evanger's Wild Salmon Freeze-Dried Treats from

I'm a bit late to put up my March Chewy post, which means that many of you
already know about the taste sensation that is Evanger's Wild Salmon Freeze-Dried Treats

Well you really can't go wrong with freeze-dried treats. And these in particular have a ...potent... smell that I can imagine, if I were a dog, would make them irresistible. 

Given that I am a human, these are the kind of treats that I encase in several layers of plastic before I put them in my pocket.

Which I did, and then Fozzie and I went for a walk in the snow. 

Emerging from the wooded path into the park we go to, there were some dogs off in the distance but these treats kept Fozzie's attention just fine.

Back on the porch, Fozzie was intrigued enough to tolerate the proximity of the nail clippers

But we still had to take it slow. 

Not even these foul-smelling salmon treats were enough to convince him to sit still for a full nail clip.

With a less anxious dog though, I think Fozzie and I can provide an enthusiastic endorsement. 

Evangers wild salmon treats would make the perfect high-value adjunct to your training and desensitization program. Thanks again Chewy!


  1. I think we would like those too but not ENOUGH for a nail trim ....stella rose

  2. I recently purchased some rabbit, which is like crack for my dogs. But maybe I'll have to look for some salmon!


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