Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Momentarily Terrifying Hike

While Dahlia recovers and stays at the shelter for her daily bandage changes, we had the chance to take a hike with just one dog and enjoy the remaining snow before it all melts this week (we hope). Florian drove me and Fozzie up to the Pawtuxent River near the Triadelphia Reservoir. A great choice, because there was absolutely no one out there and it turned out to be a beautiful trail undulating over the hills near the river. 

After descending the first of those hills, we got to the river and of course Fozzie, being a dog, ran right out to the edge of the ice. 

And if that photo gave any of you a strong premonition of something about to go awry, give yourself two points for an accurate sixth sense. Indeed, Fozzie fell right through the ice. 

Now Fozzie is a strong swimmer, and immediately started trying to find a way out, swimming to the left of where he'd fallen in. 

Off to the right the ice tapered off close to the bank, so my first thought was to try to get him to swim that way. Despite his panic, I could see him listening to us and trying to follow directions but when he turned around and swam right he got stuck in the hollow created when he fell through. 

Couldn't stand watching that for long. Next thing to do was to inch out to the edge of the ice and grab him. The look of relief on his face when he saw I was going to help him was absolutely priceless and pure Fozzie. Of course then the ice broke and I joined him right in the freezing water, which fortunately was not very deep. I was able to easily boost Fozzie up onto the thicker ice, and then Florian gave me a hand and pulled me out too. 

A chilly adventure! And a bonding experience with my Fozzie. 

Who then decided to dry himself off by rolling around in the snow.

Which apparently worked for him, but I was soaked from sternum down. But it was too nice a day to cut short our hike, and fortunately the sun was shining and after the first few minutes I didn't feel too cold. 

It was good to get up some hills and away from the water

where we could enjoy some majestic views and get a good workout trudging through the snow. 

Then back down to the water's edge for a while, this time with a certain young man on his leash!

Whew, that was an adventure. Fozzie and I will sleep well tonight, in our warm dry bed.


  1. OMgosh! How wonderful and sweet Fozzie recognized immediately you were going to help him. Hope you all warmed up well at home afterward. TBTG.

  2. OMD!! I'm glad you're both OK! How scary!

  3. How scary! I am always very nervous about any ice this kind of year. Unfortunately we have nothing but slush by us now its pug deep so its hard for us to walk to much as the slush was literally over the pug heads We can't wait for spring


  4. How scary! Glad things turned out the way they did!

  5. I've had nightmares like that. Glad for the happy ending.

  6. oh my thank goodness you are both ok!!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  7. THAT was scary. I admit to gasping and having my hand over my mouth. I'm so glad you were both able to get out.

    Delilah is nuts about water. If she sees it, she wants in. She too would have to be on leash.

  8. Yay Kirsten, I knew that you'd go in after your kid, particularly when he ran into a little difficulty. You're a good cookie Kirsten. It's a wonder that Fozzie didn't turn into an ice cube after rolling in the snow afterwards.


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