Sunday, March 15, 2015

Baby Girl is Back Home!

As you know from that notorious Post That Shall Not Be Named, Dahlia's been at the shelter for two weeks getting treatment for an incision that ripped open and then became horribly infected, requiring a bandage that was actually sutured to her butt and had to be changed every day. 

For two weeks I thought about everything she'd been through and just wanted to know that she wasn't in pain. Last weekend when Florian and I went to the shelter to see if we could visit her, we were told that the wound was still pretty big but that she was doing well, and lots of staff and volunteers were smitten with her sweetness and took time to cuddle and comfort her. 

We were afraid of upsetting her so left without seeing her, which made our reunion when I did go pick her up on Friday all the sweeter. In the shelter, the staff were so sweet and applauded when I got there, and then they brought Dahlia out and she climbed up on my lap and kissed me again and again. 

She is supposed to be on crate rest, 

so we're keeping her there when there's the potential for her to get really excited. 

But her wound looks really fantastic. When I got her home Friday night it was looking a little oozy, so I put Granulex spray on it the last two days and now I just can't believe how well healed it looks. 

And that's the last time I do that to you, I promise.

She is still a little bouncing bean, though continuing her gradual trend toward less hyperactivity. On Sunday, when we had a nice sunny day, it was so great to just let her enjoy some time in the sun with her buddy Fozzie

and then to again have her ridiculously loud snores right by my side. 
I'll say it again, there is nothing quite like a petite snoring pittie pup. 

Welcome home, baby Dahlia! Maybe now I can get some sleep too. 


  1. so happy she is home

    retro rover

  2. Oh Dahlia!! We are so happy that you are better!!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  3. Good to hear. She is obviously well loved. :)

  4. Yay they always feel so much better when they get to come home!!!
    stella rose and moma

  5. I love that title, "Baby Girl is Home" is it possible she's there forever? ;-)

  6. Holy smokes, what a terrifying/terrible wound! I'm so glad she's doing better, and home again.


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