Thursday, August 28, 2014

Paddle Boarding with the Pups

Daria is truly a precious little affectionate, sweet, good-tempered pup. 

In the evenings, however, she does have that capacity, common to many young freshly rescued dogs, to morph into a holy terror. 

Desperate for a playmate, she incessantly pesters Fozzie. 

If she's put in a separate room, she barks like mad. 

If redirected with some exercises and treats--we're working on Puppy Pushups, roll over, shake, catch and others--she enjoys that and focuses for as long as I'm doing it, but it's tough to keep going with puppy exercises for 3-4 hours every evening, when you really want to stretch out and let your brain cells slowly turn to sludge with the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

Time to get that girl some serious exercise. OK kids, let's load up. We're going for a hike.

Off to Annapolis, where Florian thought we'd find a nice public dog-friendly beach. Forgetting that the vast majority of Annapolis is home of the High Brow, Private, No Trespassing No Dogs No Drinking No Swimming No Walking No Access beach. 

Except for one little tiny beach, which we found our way to after driving around for a while. Where they had paddle boards you could rent!

Florian had never tried, and found it very hard to keep his balance standing up. More fun to paddle sitting down, with a dog as company. 

First up, Fozzie.

We've noticed that Fozzie, when he is nervous, tends to be particularly intense with the kisses. I think it relaxes him.

It was a bit windy and the water a bit choppy,

but we were so impressed with how Fozzie stayed put on that paddle board. I thought he'd be all over the place, but he must have been smart enough to know things would be better if he stayed where he was.

Good job Fozzie, time to come in. 

Let's see how Daria likes it. Maybe a bit nervous, 

but another admirable job staying balanced 

like a brave and seaworthy crew member. Alright Captain, let's bring 'er in to shore.

Mission accomplished, with a snoozing and loudly snoring foster dog throughout the evening. 

Captain, whaddya got for the rest of the week?


  1. Is daycare an option for her? I know sometimes just being around people (and staying awake all day) are enough to tire my dogs out. LOL

  2. What fun for humans and dogs.

  3. Great job on the paddleboard. I wonder if the balance is as challenging for the dog as it is for humans. After all, they do have four legs.

  4. What fun! I always enjoy letting my brain cells turn to sludge better after going on a hike:)


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