Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dr. Tim's Freeze Dried Treats: A Powerful Tool for Concentration

This month, I was so happy to see that had some freeze-dried treats among its offerings in exchange for product reviews. 

The dogs I've known would walk through fire for freeze-dried treats. And with a high-energy, new foster dog in the house, a high-value treat is just what we need. 

So I went ahead and asked for some Dr. Tim's Natural Chicken Chips. You can tell just from looking at them that to a dog, these things are going to be good. 

It was TV night and I'd been doing some focus training with Daria with cheesy snacks, and she was working hard enough. Once Dr. Tim's came out though, there was no messing around. With laser-like focus, both Fozzie and Daria zeroed in on those freeze-dried treats. 

And as long as I had them out, there was no humping, no nipping, no barking. 

Daria even stood still long enough for me to wrap her in some cabbage, which I've heard is good to help shrink the poor distended mammaries of a dog who's been made to breed. 

Not long enough for any therapeutic effect I'm sure, but still.   

And of course Fozzie got to have some freeze-dried treats, in exchange for just being so sweet and tolerant through it all. 

Guys, those are some fantastic treats. Thanks again,!

Do YOUR dogs become little angels for freeze-dried treats?

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