Monday, August 25, 2014

Daria the Deaf Piglet-Cow-Pittie Mix Pup

Now you've seen one picture of my new foster pup Daria, with her worried sad shelter face. 

Since Daria is deaf, and has clearly had several litters of puppies--both of which may count against her in some adopters' minds--it was extra important to get her into a foster home where someone could experience what an amazing little creature she is and become her adoption advocate. 

Daria is wiggly, cuddly, goofy, 

and affectionate. 

I've always loved dogs who snort, but Daria's snorts are particularly wonderful. Like a little cow-spotted piglet, Daria snorts when she kisses, snorts when she sniffs, and snorts when she eats. 

She snorts when she throws herself onto her back on the floor or the grass, and rolls around in sheer joy. 

But the best thing about Daria is that even though she is an adult dog, she acts like a little puppy. 

Perhaps she is trying to recapture a childhood she never had. 

All those years she was giving birth to litters of puppies, then nursing her
babies only to have them taken away and sold, 

she probably wished she could just roll around on her back in the grass, or bark incessantly at a handsome boy dog with no risk that she'd just get knocked up again. 

Poor Daria, you're safe now. Frolic all you want, just try to let us get some rest at some point, OK?


  1. She is beautiful and now safe
    Lily & Edward

  2. What a beautiful, happy and LUCKY girl!!

    Otto and Ruby who are also very lucky!!

  3. She's super cute! You know I love the cow-types:)

  4. So beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my bloggie:) It means a lot to me,


  5. I hate how people use dogs and am so glad you are there to help her find her way.


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