Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Large bundle of cheer

Fozzie's been hard at work lately to prove what a loving, cuddly, delicious big lover-man he is. 

When my sister had no power for three days and was in need of a bit of cheering up, Fozzie was ready to oblige. 

His signature move seems to be to put his arms around a person's neck and just hold on, while attempting to maneuver his tongue into said person's mouth. 

Kind of like a really awkward first date, but cuter. 

When my old boss and one of my oldest friends, Executive Director of the kickass conservation group WildEarth Guardians in Santa Fe came for a visit, he got the same treatment. 


Fozzie doesn't care who you are, how you're dressed, or your gender, he just wants to be as close to you as possible and to put his tongue in your mouth. 

Fozzie's an equal opportunity molester.   

All these two and a half years, I've had Fozzie still up on Petfinder, thinking that maybe his ideal adopter would come along and offer him a place to live in the country with no feral cats to torment him, no senior dog to growl at him, and more space to run around. 

Every couple of months, I'd hear from someone who definitely wanted to adopt him. My heart would sink, but I'd talk to them just in case, and explain how it was to walk him or have guests over, and I'd never hear from them again. 

After speaking to the most recent prospect, I decided I was done. Its not the first time I've had one of these realizations about Fozzie, but this time I'm pretty sure its really for real. 

It's exciting, joyful, and liberating to have made this decision! I feel like a newlywed or a new mom, with a brand new being to love and nurture. 

I know, weird. I've had him for two and a half years! But its different when you're committed.


  1. I was laughing outloud over Fozzie's "welcome" behavior. Fozzie's yours and I think Fozzie has known this for a long time.

  2. OMG! I just love Fozzie's version of a hug!! He's always been your man. :)

  3. Awwwwwww! I'm so glad you made it official with Fozzie! He is your dog all the way!

  4. Congrats! I love Fozzie's welcome habits, I try my best to do the same! BOL!

  5. Aw, welcome home Fozzie! Glad it's official! Finn does the same thing when she greets people!

  6. I love his enthusiasm with visitors! Sure, not everyone loves to be molested but it's great that he channels some of that energy into loving and not all of it goes into being a reactive mess on walks, right?

  7. What!? Who wouldn't love a hug & a kiss from a cute dog like him?? Congratulations!

  8. "Fozzie doesn't care who you are, how you're dressed, or your gender, he just wants to be as close to you as possible and to put his tongue in your mouth. " Mamma says she's met guys like that... but it's WAY cuter when it's Fozzie doing it...


  9. So Fozzie is not longer a failed foster but your very own dog. That's terrific news! This must be like signing marriage papers after living together 10 years. Boy! Does it makes a difference somehow ;)

    You think Fozzie was some kind of perve in his past life?

  10. Congratulations on your Foster Failure! I've had several myself and they always seem to be saying, "What took you so long to realize I was already in my Forever Home?"

  11. Love those snuggling pics :)

    Stop on by for a visit

  12. You understand him best you can and that's the best thing! I love the comparison of it being like an awkward first date. Look at his bod when he's up on his back legs. So handsome! Any guest would be privileged to have his love. I think for all of Fozzie's areas of opportunity he also has some areas where he is head above shoulders over plenty of dogs!


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