Monday, September 17, 2012

Brownie's big weekend

I was going to devote the entire weekend to fun activities to help Brownie build confidence and become more adoptable. As it turned out, I only had a day to do it...but more on that tomorrow!

We did have a chance to go by my sister's house Friday night and see how he does with two important demographics: new, big dogs and wacky little girls. 

My sister loves it when I get a new foster dog because she loves for her big boy Genghis to get a new buddy to play with.

Genghis is a great dog, 100% reliable and goofy with kids and other humans.
For some reason both Fozzie and Lamar hate him, so he has no regular playmate nearby.

But he sure has fun with my foster dogs! 


What a great socialization opportunity and energy outlet for all. Brownie's aerial leaps over Genghis' body were a sight to behold. 

And when they were done romping, they just plotzed out in different spots on the floor and snoozed companionably.

The next day, we wanted to give those two a little more space to enjoy each others' company so my sister and I decided we would descend on my loving, long-suffering Aunt and Uncle.

They don't really seem to suffer when we come over; I only say that because I think that in their position, with a beautiful house and pool and a relaxing, sunny afternoon to look forward to, the Stade family and its associated poorly-socialized canines would be the last thing I'd want to see.

But they are always welcoming, and they seem to actually enjoy it, God help them. 

Brownie fell in love with Uncle Bob. 

And he really loved having all that space to run around with his bud Genghis. 

When he runs he's like a little antelope, zooming around and so happy to be free. 

He loves to romp around with the slightly more dignified Genghis, 

and see if he can taunt him to abandon that dignified demeanor. 

Not too hard when Genghis's default behavior is to flail around on his back with his paws in the air. 
Lamar looks on reproachfully, but at least there's something in it for him too. 

Lamar, sit back and have a glass of wine while the kids run around, why dontcha? 

That sounds like a plan.

Brownie, I'm glad you got to enjoy the fun with my aunt and uncle before the pool closes for the season. It's a ritual we try to put all our foster pups through, for their benefit and for ours.


  1. He's having the time of his life. The skills you are teaching him now will help him adjust when he finds his forever home. :-)

  2. Looks like an awesome time! I love seeing dogs run around and be happy!

  3. You sure are a good trainer lady. Brownie looks so happy
    Benny & Lily

  4. Looks like he had a great time!

  5. Those were some fun pictures! Looks like a blast!

  6. Brownie is coming along, isn't he? I just realised what an old fashioned name that is. I haven't met a dog named Brownie since I was a child! I like Genghis. He looks like a big boof.

  7. Brilliant, they both look like they had such fun, love the photos :)


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