Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A New Record: Brownie Goes Home

I try to fill my time with foster pets with activities and training that help make them more confident, more calm, more easygoing, and overall more adoptable. But when it comes right down to it, what gets them adopted fast is their cute pictures and descriptions online--and in Brownie's case, his big ears were what made his time with me very short.

I had only had him a day before I got an email from a dog-loving family with two dogs, two dog-savvy little girls, a fenced in acre, and grandparents who are pretty much around all the time to keep the dogs company. They were in love with Brownie's picture and especially with his big, ridiculous ears.

After this discussion, the meeting and the official interview at the shelter felt pretty much like a formality. 

The folks at the shelter were so happy and amazed that this dog who was so stressed out at the shelter, barking and going nuts with his pupils dilated like crazy, became such a happy, relaxed goof once in the presence of people who love dogs and build their lives around them, who adore their two 6-year-old dogs and sleep with them, who lost two more 13-year-old dogs last year and are ready to add to their family.

The family brought their 6-year-old queen bee Lily, who growled at Brownie a bit but nothing like the grumpiness he'd successfully navigated with Lamar.

So after meeting Brownie in my yard, going for a walk together, going to the farmer's market while we waited for the shelter to open, having their interview and testing how Brownie did with cats (he showed no intense interest, except in the cats' food), we loaded Brownie up and off they drove!

If his interactions with this family while we filled out papers at the shelter are any indication, Brownie is going to have a blast in his new home. 

Rolling on his back while the girls petted him, giving mom big wet kisses and blissing out for dad's hearty scratches...this was supposed to be a shy dog?

Congratulations Brownie! It was great to have you, though any longer and I would have been hopelessly attached.


  1. How wonderful!! Congratulations, Brownie. Well done foster mom and dad.

  2. LUCKY BOY!!! love those ears!

    Mamma Heartbeat

  3. So glad for him! The family looks complete!

  4. Wow! What a great story! He is a cutie!

  5. Wow Kirsten, that's amazing. Good for you and good for Brownie. I love stories with happy endings.

    Any updates on Blue?

  6. That was so quick! I do love that petfinder and the Internet universe have made finding the perfect match that much easier. Congrats to Brownie and his new family, and to you for helping him along!

  7. Those ears are awesome! Congrats to brownie

    Stop on by for a visit

  8. I didn't even get a chance to get attached! ;)

  9. He does have phenomenal ears and a great smile. Well done you 4! Who's next? X

  10. yay!! congrats to brownie and his new family!


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