Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So sad

I've been away from Blogville for a few days and when I returned today I encountered the horrifying news of what happened to Sandra and her Kissa-Bulls. On Friday night an electrical fire consumed Sandra's house, all of her possessions and five of her babies. 

I have no good words to offer that might alleviate the pain of that kind of loss; I didn't even know Sandra before I read of what happened on Emily's blog and several others of your excellent blogs, and saw the incredible effort organized by Amber at Mayzie's blog to organize help for Sandra. I do know, just from reading what I read on her blog today, that Sandra is an amazingly powerful and giving force of love in the world and has given so much to help animals no one else would help. For a person like that to experience such tragedy is just wrong, but sometimes life throws us things that are just wrong and all we can do is support each other more, love each other more, and help each other come out on the other side. 

I know that awful feeling of wishing you could turn back the clock but in lieu of that, there's a Chip in page to offer financial contributions to help Sandra through this amazingly difficult time. Please help out with whatever you can.


  1. Thanks for sharing. We were so devastated to have heard the news. Each of the dogs was really so special, and all saved out of desperate situations. It is nice to see everyone coming together....

  2. This was devastating news to read. I haven't been reading Sandra's blog for that long, but I could tell how much she loved each and every one of her pups. The only redeeming bit of this travesty is how many people have come together to help her. That is really cool!

  3. I was just heartsick when I read the news, and it was on the same day I got their Christmas card in the mail.

  4. yep, still in shock. We can't even imagine
    Benny & Lily


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