Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sandy's first REAL Christmas

Some of my Mom's incredible crafty Christmas artistry
The past few years, since we've been having Christmas at my aunt and uncle's place, dogs have played a less central role in the festivities. So on Christmas Day, as my dad started up the family van at my sister's house to make the trip out to my aunt's, and I asked him to stop off at my place on the way so I could pick up a couple of things, I wasn't even thinking that one of those things would be a dog. 

But when I saw Sandy in her crate, prepared to spend the afternoon there while we all ate and made merry, I just couldn't do it. It was a nice afternoon and the other dogs had their dog door and could enjoy it, and there seemed nothing more scrooge-ey than leaving a baby puppy in a cage all day. And when I climbed back in the van, my little bundle of joy in tow, my ever-indulgent parents didn't even protest. Right then I knew it was going to be a good Christmas. 

My aunt and uncle are incredibly indulgent and their house is incredibly nice, and I didn't want to take advantage of their indulgence or trash their house with my little ball of fire. So Sandy stayed outside and enjoyed the unseasonably warm afternoon until my aunt insisted that I bring her in. 

So while we ate and drank ungodly amounts of delicious provisions, Sandy got to bond with my sister, 

pilfer snacks from my mom, 

avoid kisses from me, 

and demonstrate her frogdog for all.

I can't think of a better way to realize the spirit of Christmas than to give a scrappy little former stray a day filled with warmth, food, family, and affection. 

Sure made things extra fun for us humans too. 


  1. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day. :)

  2. Oh Sandy!! We're SO glad you got to enjoy your first Christmas with a family!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  3. Happy new years to you and your family. Richard

  4. Nothing like a woofie or a kitty to make a holiday extra special!

    Thanks for visiting our blog. We're following yours now!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. What a wonderful day for you AND Sandy. What a wonderful thing you are doing for her.

  6. How sweet of you to include her, and how sweet your family to embrace her. Love her frogdog!

  7. how beautiful - all of it, all around!

  8. Well hello there! It is nice to meet you! We love your sub title! Our human wants to be a dog trainer if and whenever she grows up!! BOL!


  9. The avoidance of the kisses! Happens all the time here too! What a wonderful Christmas!

  10. Great idea to take Sandy with you!! Looks like she also had a wonderful time!!

  11. I definitely missed getting to spend Christmas with Bilbo this year. Looking forward to getting home and spoiling him rotten to make up for it!

  12. I love having our dogs along for the holidays, too, although we didn't take them with us this year. A few bits of craziness at my in-laws' house made us decide not to take the pooches along, and I was glad we didn't, even though I really missed them! I'm hoping next year will be more dog friendly!

  13. we love the holidays, peoples and presents
    Benny & Lily

  14. Yay Kirsten, now you have Christmas right. Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.

  15. Got your guess for the contest! Definitely in the right area! I didn't realize you grew up on the Upper West Side! How great, it must be nice to come back and visit your parents too, especially this time of year. I love how the city looks in all its decoration!

  16. Looks like you all had a fabulous Christmas.
    Big Nose POkes
    The Thugletsx


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