Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sandy Smarty-pants

I have written before about the excellent training programs the Washington Humane Society has in place to ensure that their animals get all the socialization and improved adoptability benefits of beginning a positive training program. With my first foster dog from WHS, I get to see these benefits first hand. 

From the moment I got her it became apparent that Sandy knew Sit and was already wise to the ways of the clicker. Though it doesn't sound like much, this little bit of a head start has made such a difference in her integration to our household.

When I get home and let Sandy out of her crate and I have three large-ish energetic bundles of impulsive muscle swarming around me, and I say Sit, guess who's the first to comply?

When I have three loud mouths all clamoring for attention and 12 paws competing to get me muddy first, guess which mouth stops mouthing and which set of 4 paws is on the floor first?

When I went for a walk the other night with the two pitties and a passerby stopped to tell me how much she loves dogs, and Fozzie started getting into his leash frustration tug of war because he hates it when I stop on walks and then Sandy joined in too, guess who was first to disengage with her leash and be good?

Not a certain foster boy who has been working on Leave It for a year and a half, oh no!

Who is learning Wait like a champ and thrusting her paws at me in triumphant displays of High Five and giving me sweet, delighted eye contact every chance she gets? 

I think we all know the answer!

Why is Sandy so good? 

Maybe she's extra eager to please because of the novelty of training and the excitement of cheesy snacks and hot dogs. Maybe she's just hungry all the time. Or maybe she just had really good trainers at the shelter. Maybe she's not old enough to have learned that sometimes being bad is just fun.

Let's hope she doesn't learn it from any teenage pit bulls I MIGHT mention! 


  1. Sandy's doppelganger Ginger is also very, very good at responding to training - especially when food is involved! Unfortunately, she has learned that sometimes, being bad is fun, and I am working tirelessly to stop the most "bad" habits! :) Sandy is a doll!

  2. what a "rewarding" experience for you!!

  3. Or Maybe, she is so greatful to be living with you that she has promised herself to do everything she can to stay in the light of your eyes.

    Sandy is beautiful.


  4. We're betting Sandy's new forever family is reading your post right now saying - we've got to adopt that amazing, beautiful girl right now! Unless, of course, she has already found her forever home with YOU! BOL

    The Road Dogs

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by our blog. I really enjoyed reading about your family of pit bulls here and love the pictures of them in the pools!

  6. You are hilarious-- not playing favourites with our dogs, are we? Good thing they can't read!

  7. Can I send Frankie over to you? Sandy has learnt or brushed up on more things in a few weeks than I've been able to teach Frankie in 2 1/2 years! Although that's all my fault, not his:) She is going to be such a great catch for some lucky people!

  8. LOL what a good girl Sandy :) She really is too cute :) Hope gets a wonderful furever home soon :) (before you fall completely in love with her lol)


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